Futurismo Azores Adventures

Futurismo Azores Adventures work hard to offer the best special moments, sensations and unique experiences. We love sharing our knowledge and passion for adventure.


Futurismo Azores Adventures core values:

Committed to Sustainability & Responsible Practices
Futurismo Whale Watching Azores organizes several awareness campaigns each year with the local community to help them adopt sustainable practices and integrate them into their day to day life. Together, we clean beaches and we collect litter on several of our hiking tours from the trails. In the ocean, we collect a lot of different objects such as plastic, nets and anything else that can harm the environment and the marine life.

Supporting Education, Research & Conservation
When booking a whale and dolphin watching experience with us, you are also contributing to advanced scientific research. Our marine biologists collected data which are then shared with Universities and investigators worldwide. These studies aim to develop better practices on protecting the animals in their natural habitat. See also our work with the new generations and how we are a responsible travel agency!

Creating Thrilling and Unforgettable Experiences
It is always very important to us that we receive feedback from everyone visiting us. We are proud to do what we are most passionate about. We study the animals and share our knowledge every day with tourists, travelers, backpackers, friends and researchers all over the world. We also learn a lot every day by sharing our love for marine wildlife. You will enrich your knowledge and create more stories to share!


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