Extreme Waves Rafting Val Di Sole

Extreme Waves Rafting Val Di Sole is a 1.5 to 2 hour white water adventure on the upper part of the river Noce in the far north of Italy.


Our centre, Extreme Waves Rafting Val Di Sole, is situated at Commezzadura, you can see us from the road, with our Ropes Course visible in the front, dipped on the green on the River Noce bank. Rafting Classic. Duration about 1.5 to 2 hours. The reception begins with your arrival, with our Waves Crew ready to instruct you and help you learn about this fantastic world of Rafting.

Follows the supply of wetsuit, water jacket, life jacket, all of your size. With our transport we will take you to the starting point followed by a theoretical lesson where all the technique is explained to safely participate in the thrilling descent on the river, shaped by simple stretches to test the crew, as well as exciting rapids and very fun passages. Include the upper part of the river Noce.

Transport to the starting point. The Noce River alternates its difficulties, allowing participants a break from the action , and the fantastic view. Fun, refreshing, and simply unforgettable. At the beginning of the descent teaching for a harmonious crew. For the next few kilometers the river is unleashed the passion for the rapids, by drawing nearer to the famous rapids of Mezzana, where there were many races Rafting , Canoeing and worldwide competitions, to finish the descent , arriving directly to the Extreme Waves Rating Centre.


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