Extreme Jet Boating

Extreme Jet Boating on Main Beach Gold Coast - Head out for a 30 minute Jet Blast and feel wind in your hair!

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Extreme Jet Boating

Extreme Jet Boating offers a 30 minutes & 20 kilometres Jet-Blast. Departing directly into the Broadwater at Main Beach. Don’t waste anytime travelling through the 6knot zone like other companies.

Experience 360 degree spins, beach buzzing, power sliding and high speeds all while heading through the Broadwater, past wave break island and around all the sandbars. Then make your way back to the marina.

This ride is for people short on time or want a quick taste of jet boating on the Gold Coast. You will get wet!

Because we are suitable for children from only 4 years old, we are the perfect ‘must-do’ activity for the whole family.

Offering unique “JETcam” onboard filming systems so after your ride you can take home a USB, show your friends and re-live your adventure.

Australia’s only jetboat tour to be certified by ECO Australia and T-QUAL.
Recognising commitment to ECO sustainability, customer safety, quality experience and great customer service.

Departure times vary from day to day and are subject to availability.

Company Name:
Extreme Jet Boating

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