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Expedition Bali is one of the most established tour companies in Bali and we have been focusing on volcano tours since 2012.


Expedition Bali is one of the most established tour companies in Bali and we have been focusing on volcano tours since 2012.

Our commitment to the environment, empowering the local people, guest-oriented approach and impeccable safety record, powerful and comfortable 4WD that sits up to 8 people, accident and public liability insurance and two of the best tour guides in the region are just some of the reasons people choose to book and rebook with Expedition Bali. We provide fun-filled adventures with everlasting memories, high levels of service and satisfaction for all visitors to Bali.

We’ve recently expanded our range of tours to include the great waterfalls of Bali, check out our new tours below. Not all are listed, we plan on releasing them at about the rate of one a month. This will give us time to set up the tour schedule and check out the tour for ourselves. Checking the tour for beauty is one thing our guests have come to expect, however we’ll also need to check price, and most importantly, your safety.

Expedition Bali offers a variety of tours that encompass history, nature and geology, all complimented by some of the most breath-taking panoramic views of natural wonders that you will be able to see with your own eyes, be it in Kintamani with Mount Batur, or one of the many waterfalls.

If you have group tours of more than 10 people, let us know, and we’ll see what we can do for a group price. We have organised tours for over 25 people in the past, this is where the maximum discount can be received.

Our tours may be customised to include a number of options and add-ons, check out the desired tours booking page for the available options.

Options to note:
Transfers to and from your hotel

This makes getting to Kintamani simple and direct and is normally always chosen with the tour.
This also ensures you are on time for when the tour is departing. Some tours you have the option not to take the hotel transfers, others you have no option.

Early start accommodation in Kintamani

This is especially for those either wanting to stay a few days in Kintamani and explore some more, or people that don’t want to wake-up at 2.00am and spend up to 2 hours in a car before climbing Mount Batur to see a sensational sunrise. This option allows you to sleep-in to 4.30am.

Hot Springs and lunch after the tour

Both the Tour & Hot Springs and the Full Package tours allow for a soothing soak in Toya Devasya Hot Springs along with a beautiful buffet lunch.


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