EnjoyTatras DMC

EnjoyTatras DMC are experts in the Tatras Mountains, an adventurous region voted no.1 in Lonely Planet's 2019 Best-in-Europe List!


We invite you to come and share our region, benefit from the grandest peaks to the smallest streams, to imbue the fresh mountain air whilst taking in the epic vistas of our unique landscape. We believe sport plus travel is the best way to see as much of our region in the shortest space of time and EnjoyTatras DMC will inspire you to visit.

Integrate, regenerate, rebalance and enjoy your time in the Tatras & Liptov Region as our honoured guest. Our expert local knowledge and experience, makes us the ideal partner to attract and assist travellers to this part of Slovakia.

As an established destination management company comprising of two trusted and powerful regional tourism organisations: the Liptov and High Tatras regions, has simply magnified our purchasing power and network of suppliers giving you the best deals for all types of thematic stays in one of Europe’s most dramatically beautiful landscapes.

Are you ready to discover a green natural playground with pristine and diverse natural habitats, history and attractions in a small, accessible, safe territory? Find out more about the TATRAS & LIPTOV MOUNTAIN REGION in Slovakia – find all the key partners and local knowledge under one roof. ENJOY TATRAS DMC will give you more than you expect.


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