El Salvador Divers

El Salvador Divers Dive centre based in San Salvador, El Salvador.


Conduct all PADI standard courses as well as numerous specialty courses.
Fun dives and training dives in the active volcanic lake at Ilopango all year round (alt 440m) and in the Pacific Ocean at the marine park at Los Cobanos.

All equipment rental is FREE.
In the lake at Ilopango you can dive to a maximum of 40m, if certified if not then you can do a deep diver course, as the lake has a maximum depth of 235m. There are many wall dives around the edge of the lake as well as on the underwater mountains that come to around 10m of the surface. The water temperature is around 30C/86F so many divers just use shorts and a rash guard but shorty wetsuits are provided if required.

This is an ideal training site for new and experienced divers as it can be quite challenging at various times of the year. The best time to dive is during the early part of the year as the shallow water, down to around 15m is at its clearest and the multitude of cichlids are on show. During the rainy season it is good for deep diving as there is a thermocline at around 18m and below that is very clear, if dark, water. This is when it is best to go and visit either the hot vents (20m) or the statue of Christ the Redeemer (30m).


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