Eden Rock Diving Center

We are the gateway to the main watersports attraction, Eden Rock's and Devil's Grotto. Grand Cayman's best shallow reefs.


Eden Rock Diving Center is ideal for diving and snorkeling, we offer full certification, Discover Scuba and open water referrals as well as equipment rentals and sales.

The coral reefs rise in vertical cliff faces from a 40 foot sand bottom to within a few feet of the surface. Both Eden Rock and Devils Grotto are honey combed with caves ,tunnels and Grotto’s inhabited by many tropical fish, coral and sponges including Silversides and Tarpon. The entry is down a diving ladder into 4 feet of clear and calm Cayman water the bottom gently slopes out to 15 feet then rises to within a few of water before dropping to a sand bottom. There are many tunnels running through the reef with openings in the coral allowing sunbeams to light the way.

We offer guided dives for certified scuba divers with an instructor guide and a half day Discover Scuba Experience with an experienced instructor guide in a small group. Certified divers can rent equipment and dive in buddy teams. We also have a gift shop with a large selection of resort wear, and diving and snorkelling equipment.


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