As global travel has come to a screeching halt, at cooee we wanted to find a way to connect people with expert guides in Cusco, Peru

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Cusco, Peru,

What does cooee mean? cooee is an Australian Aboriginal word from the Dharug language which means “come here”, and has now become widely used in Australia and New Zealand (the home countries of our founders, Katy and Steve) as a call over great distances.

Lockdown: as global travel has come to a screeching halt, we wanted to find a way to connect people with expert guides. Together we can support these professionals and you can enjoy a virtual tour from anywhere in the world.

Looking forward: as travel gradually begins to open, you can continue to connect with these experts to help plan your travel. An hour with a local guide will undoubtedly save time and money when booking your actual voyage.

Scroll down to book a one-to-one live-streaming tour with one of our tour guides! Here\’s how it works:
– We find the most amazing guides in the world
– Guides manage their own availability and price
– You choose a location and guide based on your timezone
– Upon payment, both you and the guide receive a link to meet on the date and time you choose
Enjoy your cooee experience!

Please note: many of our destinations are in COVID-19 lockdown at the moment. The dates restrictions are expected to end are shown below. If you book a tour for before this date, the guide will be at home for your tour. Our guests are loving these quarantine tours (or as we call ’em: “quarantours”, hehe!), as they are an amazing opportunity to connect as people, learn how others are experiencing the pandemic, and get a direct insight into everyday life in a different culture!


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