Coaching Kite Sports

Coaching Kite Sports offers private, personalised coaching in Kiteboarding, Kitesurfing, Kitefoiling or Wingfoiling, in Spain.

Foiling, Kitesurfing, Winging,

Coaching Kite Sports offers All Level Personalised Kite Sports Coaching in English & Spanish.

Over the last 22 + years of kiteboarding, I have had the pleasure to have taught people from over 30 different countries along with over 18.000+ hours of teaching & a qualified IKO instructor since 2000 also qualified in Spain for teaching Kiting, Windsurfing & Wingfoiling.

My level in each side of the sport of Kiting is expansive as I do Freestyle, Strapless & Foiling, along with land kite sports like mountainboarding & buggying.

Previous owner of 2 kites schools which I founded the first in 2000 in Isla de Margarita & the second on Isla de Coche in 2003. Coche kite sports centre was very well known as one of the top 10 placed spots worldwide for its flat water freestyle conditions along with 5 Kite World Cup competitions & 3 of the largest freeride events in Venezuela.

El Medano has great all year round wind sports conditions with bump & jump on the water & a relaxed international feel in the town.
CKS is all about a private service for those who feel their kiting is not improving, lack on/off the water confidence, want to ride longer, turn better, jump higher or learn some new tricks.

Now Wing Foiling is the latest sport that you can come and learn or Improve your foiling, technique, Gybes and more with CKS.

Get in touch to find out what CKS can offer you.

General Information about the spots, Accomadation info, Classes, Equipment Rental, Kite Brands, Storage & more.


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