chutelibre offers you to make a skydive tandem jump in France on the nearest professional place from Paris.

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chutelibre is a company that has specialised in tandem jumps since 2004. We are located on the nearest professional place from Paris (1 hour and a half north of Paris).

You can jump with us from February to November.

If you are more than 15 and less than 95 years old, you can jump with us. You will just need a medical.

You will never forge the sensation of free-fall. All our instructors got a French National Certification (BEES or BPJEPS or Parachutiste Professional diploma) and they have at least 1000 jumps but first of all, they are passionate and love their job… they are waiting for you.

After a (about) 10 min briefing, your instructor will give you a harness that will be link to your instructor’s parachute.

10-15 minutes of plane until 4000 m of height and then you make THE jump of your life. I promise you, you will never forget it.

After 50 seconds of free-fall, your instructor will open the canopy. Then 5-10 minutes until the canopy until the landing.

You will certainly want one thing …. try it again !!!!

Contact us ASAP to plan your jump


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