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Adventure Tours - Day trips and short overland trips from Johannesburg in South Africa. Join Choice Tours for the best day trips and adventures


Adventure Tours – Day trips and Short overland trips from Johannesburg, South Africa. We bring you the best of Adventure touring, Safari, Mountain Biking, Hiking, Wildlife interaction, Tobogganing, Gorge Swing/ Ziplining and Horse riding.

Our passion at Choice Tours is bringing people to our favorite spots around southern Africa and showing/telling them the wonderful and the good (and, sometimes inevitably, the bad and the ugly), and to make sure each visitor enjoys the intrinsic value of his/her experience.

The regular tweaking of our Tours and Trips is a fun challenge, surprising us every time at how quickly traveler opinions and preferences change and how we need to adjust our offerings accordingly. The basics, however, remains the same and we strive to avoid unnecessary frills and fuss

Choice Tours pride ourselves on abiding by regulation, honesty and always striving to exercise good judgment. Operations are king, with no compromise on the following principles: reliable, dependable, original, safe, responsible and professional.


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