BOA Base Outdoor Activities

BOA Base Outdoor Activities include mountaineering, canyoning, hiking, paragliding, coasteering, rafting, climbing, snorkeling, skydiving, SUP and more in Greece!


The history of the BOA Base Outdoor Activities begins in different places and times. In the middle of 1996 one of its pioneers (the brain of our company) started to deal with the bungee jumping and over the years he passed through many other activities, such as mountaineering, canyoning, kitesurfing and the list never ends. At this period of time, he is one of the best Canyoning, Coasteering, Via Ferrata and Mountaineering guides in Greece.

At the same time in another place, one of the other pioneers, started the windsurfing and other sea activities. But, at last, he realized that his big love is the air. In 2010 he started to do paragliding and now he is one of the best pilots in Greece and author of “The Beginner’s Guide to Hike and Fly”.
The third pioneer, started to hike when she was only 5 years old with her father. She followed her dreams and graduated from National University of Athens in Physical Education.

However, the company’s start was in 2017, when all the partners meet each other and began to provide services to the widest audience. The last years many other people joined this team and everybody is doing its own activity. Because at BOA Base Outdoor Activities there are no employees. We are all partners.

Our ultimate goal is to bring all people in touch with nature, responsible travel and any kind of alternative activities, such as mountaineering, canyoning, hiking, paragliding, coasteering, etc.

BOA Base Outdoor Activities want to travel and do activities. Our purpose is to discover new destinations and live every moment through activities. We travel and do activities in small groups because we want to live the experience. We have a good time and in the end we feel each other as friend.

Our goal is to explore nature without leaving trace behind us. Come with us to have a great outdoor experience.


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