Blue Sea Charters

Come fish in the beautiful Bay of islands with Blue Sea Charters. The charter that takes you out for a memorable experience.


Blue Sea Charters has been one of the most well known and trusted charters operating in the bay for over 24 years with a great reputation and an even better experience to be had. We offer multiple different opportunities to fish from; Snapper, Kahawai, Travelley, Gurnard, Kingfish and Hapuka depending on the season.

Our Skippers will bait your hooks, take the fish off and even fillet and gut them for you on the way back home. It is a privilege to be working in such a beautiful area of New Zealand and it would be even more of a privilege to have you aboard with us!We will take you out for a fish with our experienced skippers of 24 years so you can have a great time with the family, catch yourself some dinner and see the beautiful scenery of New Zealand.

There is no better way to relax and unwind then to see the amazing New Zealand ocean, and there is no better way to get exhilarated than to catch your own fish and reel it all the way in to see what you have got. So feel free to give us a call or email and we will make your trip one to remember!


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