Bhutan Dragon Adventures

Bhutan Dragon Adventures provide adventures in the World's happiest country. Join us trekking, walking, hiking or biking in Bhutan to explore this magical country.


Bhutan Dragon Adventures unconditional cheerfulness and purity. It is about beauty and dignity resulting from body and mind that are synchronized.

We are is a family managed travel operator equipped with resourceful staff and well established infrastructure. Our motto is to excel in services with a caring family affection, which not only makes your visit secure but intellectually stimulating and an exciting one.

We welcome you to our kingdom, the only country in the world with a unique national goal of maximizing “Gross National Happiness.” We offer excellent culture and religion tours, which brings you face to face with an ancient Buddhist culture thriving in a landscape of incredible natural beauty, colorful festivals, spirituality and a life centered on Gross National Happiness. Francois Pommaret, a French academic describes it, “with its remarkable well preserved heritage, tradition in Bhutan is not a relic of the past, but a living and breathing element of daily life.”

We also offer bird watching, flora and fauna, and architectural sightseeing, handicraft, textile tour and biking. Our personal care and unique experience of our country will make you visit Bhutan again and again. Just come to Bhutan and leave the rest to us.


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