Belgrade Kayak Trip

Belgrade Kayak Trip presents a rare opportunity to see Belgrade from a different perspective and in a different way than usual.

Belgrade Kayak Trip

Belgrade Kayak Trip organize and lead kayak tours in Serbia, we are located in Belgrade. Our instructors are licensed, with many years of experience.

In Belgrade we can offer you several interesting kayak adventures, Great War Island, Belgrade Amazon, Sava Bridges

There You will receive the needed equipment (safety vest, paddle, kayak) and the adventure can begin!

Before we start, the instructor will introduce you to the basics of rowing and kayaking – prior knowledge isn’t needed.

For this adventure it is necessary to dress sportily according to the weather conditions. This is a water sport, and we often get wet, so spare wardrobe is desirable.

– Our kayaks are stable, sit in kayaks (You can choose
between kayaks with one or two seats)

– During the kayak adventure, the instructor will take photos and
videos of you – that souvenir is going to be sent via e-mail.

It is hard to describe this adventure in words, you just need to experience it! Most people don’t believe us when we tell them it’s in Belgrade, in such a big city.


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