BEKS Kitesurfing

Day 1 of your BEKS Kitesurfing course near Brighton in Sussex is where you will learn everything that you need to make you safe and competent for day 2.


Do you want to master the elements and discover the amazing sport of kiteboarding? Your IKO Instructor will help introduce you to the sport and teach you various safety rules and skills on land before going into the water; The safety training will teach and show you how to assess the wind and physical location, as well as show you how to properly manage the equipment; set-up; and control the trainer kite.

At BEKS Kitesurfing we start by using small kites and looking at the set up and theory. You will need to learn safety releases and also launch and landing procedure. Once the kites are up you will get a feel for control and also where the power lies. You will cover emergency packdown and equipment knowledge so that you are competent and ready for your next steps.

We are IKO fully qualified so you will be taught and qualified to the set standards which are recognised worldwide. Each of your lessons will be for 3-5 hours depending which day you are on. If for some reason there is no wind on the booked date we will happily move your tuition to another convenient day. You will be taught in Peacehaven for day 1 making it very easy to progress, where you’ll be able to stand and correct yourself if need be. Ideally you need to be taught with a wind speed of at least 12mph otherwise you won’t be able to progress quickly on the board.


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