Aspiring Adventures

Join Aspiring Adventures for Peru adventure tours that delve deeper into the culture, history and natural wonders of this incredible country.


Aspiring Adventures is a boutique, family adventure operator that’s been taking intrepid travellers beneath the surface, into the real Peru, since 2009.

What began as a love affair with Cusco’s insane mountain biking opportunities has grown and morphed with us, and we’re now just as passionate about the food, culture, scenery and most of all the amazing people and colourful living culture of Peru.

Peru is well known for just a few sights, but is home to one of the oldest human civilizations in the world, and there are many jaw-dropping sights just off the beaten track, that are totally unknown to foreign visitors. Sharing these with you is our passion.

We fill our days with action and real cultural experiences: the absolute best of what Peru has to offer, from world famous attractions to local secrets.

If you travel to get inside a place, beyond the cultural clichés and postcard moments, our trips are for you. We eat, drink, dance, learn, hike, bike, kayak, swim, and play our way through Peru, engaging with the environment, the culture, local people and daily life.


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