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We are a sustainable and responsible adventure travel company. Enjoy the adventure of a lifetime in Peru, Chile, Bolivia and Argentina.


Since 2002 the owner of this company has travelled and worked all around South America as a local guide and also as a tour leader for foreign companies. The company has now grown from a guy working in a small office at home to a team of experience adventure travel staff working all across South America.

We are a quality focused boutique company, specializing in personalized customer service with adventure trips in Patagonia, Argentina, Chile, Bolivia, Peru and Brazil.

From stunning glaciers to monster waterfalls and all the steak you can eat, Argentina promise good times to all who come. Drink a good wine in Mendoza, be blow away by the aquatic thundering of Iguazu Falls, take a gondola up a mountain in Salta, get stunned in front of a glacier and lose yourself to some hip shakin nights in the bars in Buenos Aires.

Get to know Bolivia as this energetic and enigmatic piece of South America, where its people live with passion their traditions with colorful clothes, connected with the past, but living the present.

Explore the Altiplano, cross the biggest salt flat in the world, Salar de Uyuni and marvel at Tiahuanaco ruins in La Paz. And come to visit the most famous site, the ruins of Machu Picchu, discover the adventures that await you in the ancient capital of Cusco, or while hiking the Inca Trail and feel the awesome energy that surround this place. After those experiences, come to live the vibrant Brazil and its rhythms with its incredible and colorful beaches and lovely people!

We are running a sustainable and responsible travel company, so be confident, book with us, we can take you there to live your lifetime experience!


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