Adventure Mermaid

Adventure Mermaid offers SCUBA, snorkeling, & mermaid experiences in Puerto Rico. Now certifying PADI SCUBA divers and mermaids!


Certified PADI SCUBA professionals, the Adventure Mermaid Crew provides the highest standards of SCUBA, snorkeling, & mermaiding experiences & certifications to guests of all levels in San Juan Puerto Rico.

As PADI SCUBA instructors and divemasters, we take guest safety seriously. Whether this is their first snorkeling experience or they are students certifying as PADI Open Water divers or PADI Mermaids, they can count on the Adventure Mermaid Crew to deliver the highest quality instruction and incredibly fun, guided snorkeling and diving experiences. (Yes, we conduct PADI courses and certify SCUBA divers & mermaids).

Non swimmers? Don’t worry. We created Adventure Mermaid experiences to ensure the needs of beginners are met with compassionate care in the water. All Adventure Mermaid bookable experiences are beginner and non-swimmer oriented.

Handicapped? We offer Handicapped SCUBA diving and certification through the Handicapped SCUBA Association and PADI. Guests need only inquire in advance to arrange for accommodations.

Adventure Mermaid Crew are trained to provide step-by-step instruction to ensure guests and students have every opportunity to succeed, to see incredible tropical marine life, and to have a blast in the water. In fact, we centered our mission in compassionate empowerment of the individual guest:

Our mission is to 1) Entertain, 2) Educate, 3) Empower, and 4) create Breakthrough experiences to remember for a lifetime.

Since 2020, we are a woman-owned and operated business in San Juan, Puerto Rico, that believes in diversity and inclusion in the workplace and in the water.

Liability insurance restricts guest minimum age at 8+. Some activities may require a physician’s release.

We look forward to sharing our passion with our guests.


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