Adriatic sailing

Adriatic Sailing Academy in Croatia offer everything from sailing holidays and courses to biking and hiking and cruising.


Adriatic sailing are proud to say that we are first ASA school in Croatia and just one of a few in Europe. Our business is held by one family and during these 30 years of nautical tourism, We have specialized ourselves to teach people about sailing and sea. So from grandfather to grandson we teach from traditional sailing like 100 years ago to modern sailing by ASA program.

Our story

The whole idea and motivation was not just charter or just sailing school or just to earn at summer and rest during the winter.

Adriatic sailing always wanted to create culture of sailing, community and open doors to anybody by adding new options and capacities every year. The most important thing that we have now is that we sail all year around and there is an option for young unexperienced kid till professional with big career.

We started by building and refitting classic sailing ship from ¸1930. It was a great chance for boat lovers, big groups and classic sailing fans. Very soon we start to teach classic sailing and it was our first idea about teaching. Following that, we created a small fleet to charter and learn to sail programs for families.

All of that is great and enough for summer but summer is not enough to do something seriously. That’s why we decided to introduce people to American Sailing Association. ASA creates connection between sailors from different countries and gives customers a proof that you now what your doing.

At the end of that you receive certificates that motivates you to continue and get another one. We raised our business to a new level and as well, we could create groups of students much before summer season. Cruising 7 days we do from April till November when weather is warm. But we do daily in and out classes through whole year.

As we were searching for professionals to cooperate and new employees. We came to new idea why wouldn’t we train them. So we became official Croatian academy for professionals: helms man, captains, skippers and yacht-masters. We have opened door for those who want career as we saw there is a lack of professional in country. They all go abroad to work but when you create a culture of sailing you create a job for them as well.

Adriatic sailing all know that once you learn something , you want to show it to somebody. That is why we created Yacht club Adria, where initiative is to sail and promote sailing every day and compete every few weeks. Torpedo sailing cup started from this year, 10 identical boats compete between each other every third weekend in month. Thing is, everybody can participate and join professional crew from our club.

All these programs gave us an opportunity to sail through whole year non-stop. There is an option to any kind of sailor or sea lover to enjoy, from island cruising till few hours of racing or investing in your career.


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