Active Skydiving

Active Skydiving is a specialist AFF school offering residential courses in Spain or California.


The whole point of the AFF course is that it should be completed in about a week and if we allow 10/12 days we can also complete the 10 consolidation jumps required for the award of the British Skydiving A licence, this is like getting your driving licence and allows you to jump world wide.

For that reason we usually take our groups to a sunshine location to make best use of the good weather, it also allows for a relaxing holiday with a group of new friends. We usually use the USA and Spain We have found that the US flights are cheaper to California than Florida because Orlando is flooded with UK tourists, the weather is also better in California and they do not suffer from the hurricane season.

That said we run some summer courses in UK to take advantage of the best of the weather and to catch up with friends at the UK clubs. The trips run about every 3 weeks so it should be easy for you to join us. The cost of our course has been kept as low as possible, a deposit of £300 is required with booking and the balance is paid a week before we train. We have access to low cost hotels/apartments and airport pick up.


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