2 Sides Watersports Center Porto Pollo

2 Sides Watersports Center Porto Pollo is a windsurfing and kitesurfing school located in the best corner of Sardinia with free car park near beach.


The Windsurfing and Kitesurfing school, is located at the entrance of wonderful Isuledda. Far from other schools, the ideal place to learn in safety and tranquility.

The most beautiful corner of our beloved Porto Pollo, sheltered by the strong west gusts. A green lawn with our comfortable poufs to relax. From our lawn you can admire the evolutions of the freestylers on the flat waters of the Eastern bay, as well as the riders who like to jump on the chops of the windward Western bay.

The 2 Sides Watersports Center Porto Pollo is part of the Action 4 Amputees Association, the first in the world with the aim of bringing physical disabilities closer to the windsurfing world

For all those with physical disabilities, courses and institutional activities are completely free!

We also propose the first Kite & Windsurf Safari between the islands of the “Maddalena Archipelago”

A unique experience between the islands of Spargi, Spargiotto , Budelli and Razzoli, riding through the “Bocche di Bonifacio” in-between Corsica and Sardinia. It’s one of the windiest places in Europe because of the Venturi effect!

We will support you with a large motor boat, King-ii- Inflatable lifesaving bracelets, and Yellow Lycras which you will receive from us. Free Car Park without having to walk or leave the vehicles in the paid parking lots.


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