Companies we recommend that offer luxury kitesurfing holidays

Jul 31, 2015 BY Paul McWilliams

Many of us like things to be a bit rough when out on the water kitesurfing. Strong winds and big waves are so much fun. But that doesn’t mean you want everything about your kitesurfing trip to be rough and ready. When you’re not riding, a little bit of extra comfort goes a long way, which is why we have compiled this list of companies we recommend to provide you with unforgettable luxury kitesurfing holidays.

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Kick back and relax in your top accommodation, soak up a little bit of pampering and fully recharge your batteries before heading back out for your bit of rough the next day. That’s the beauty of luxury kitesurfing holidays, and if you’re more used to living out the back of a van while you ride, you don’t know what you’re missing.

Travel Action

Like the personal touch? Want your kitesurfing trip to be ‘custom made’ to your needs by a travel expert? Then you should check out Travel Action who provide luxury kitesurfing holidays to Greece, St Lucia, Italy, Dominican Republic, Barbados, Zanzibar, Thailand, Kenya, Egypt, Turkey, Portugal, Indonesia and many more destinations.

luxury kitesurfing holidays in Egypt Flickr image by Konstantin Zamkov

Being a small company, Travel Action can provide a truly personal service. They work hard to ensure the trip meets your needs – and budget – as closely as possible. Typically very competitive on price – even if you want a touch of luxury. They don’t just offer kitesurfing but also windsurfing, surfing, skiing and snowboarding holidays plus a lot more. Find out more here:

Planet Kitesurf

Tailor made, bespoke luxury kitesurfing holidays with incredible accommodation, transfers and expert tuition are what these luxury trips are all about. Build your trip around your every desire, you make the schedules and construct your itinerary as you require – there’s no sitting around in the bus waiting on these kinds of trip.

Stay in the best resorts and with the best local experts taking you to the best spots, this is how you do it. Go with Planet Kitesurf and you can choose between Cape Verde, Brazil, Antigua, Mauritius and South Africa, amongst other destinations.

Luxury kitesurfing holidays flickr image by MadMack66


Specialists in worldwide kiting holidays, Windseeker offer luxury kitesurfing holiday packages in a number of top destinations around the world. If the Dominican Republic, Antigua, Cape Verde or Sri Lanka take your fancy then you’ve come to the right place. Build your trip with an emphasis on luxury hotels and you’re sure to create the perfect match between destination and accommodation, and when that balance is right you are guaranteed a great holiday.

Scott Dunn

Imagine kitesurfing off golden Australian beaches and then heading in to refresh in your luxury beachside resort. Soak up some sun on an Algarve beach before ripping it up on the water. These are the kinds of experiences you can get with Scott Dunn, specialist providers of luxury sailing, surfing and kiting holidays. Simply select where you want to go from their list of top destinations and then build your luxury kitesurfing holiday around it.

So, if you’re tired of slumming it or living with sand in your pants for days on end, then push the boat out try luxury kitesurfing holidays. The added bonus is that if your other half is not into the kitesurfing then a bit of luxury will make the holiday all the more appealing!


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