Combat boredom while travelling alone: 11 solo travel entertainment tips

Jan 07, 2022 BY AWE365 Team

Travelling alone has become far more common in the last couple of decades. It is fun and exciting, but being alone for a long time can be quite difficult. So how do you combat boredom while travelling alone? Hopefully these 11 solo travel entertainment tips and advice to deal with feeling lonely will help.

Loneliness in the long run and boredom, particularly while alone, are something new solo travellers have to learn how to deal with. You might usually adventure travel with your friends or family, so the feeling of being away and alone can be overwhelming. Entertaining yourself is something you need to be comfortable doing, and it is not healthy to always rely on your smartphone.

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11 solo travel entertainment tips

How to combat boredom while travelling alone?

There are times when we feel all alone even in a crowded room. It happens to everyone, and there’s nothing wrong with that. But loneliness and boredom can be tackled with a few relatively easy actions. Below are some top entertainment tips when travelling solo and ways to avoid feeling lonely.

Have multimedia devices at the ready

The first of the solo travel entertainment tips is an obvious one. Your phone, tablet or laptop are great sources of entertainment and communication. Download movies on Netflix etc, music and e-books when you have WiFi, ready to use when you are stuck on a bus for 16 hours or your train has been delayed.

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Don’t rely on multimedia devices to fill the void

While the first tip was obvious, the second is more important. Don’t use your media devices as a crutch. If you rely on them too much is puts a barrier between you and the world. For example, you are unlikely to start chatting to a stranger who sits next to you on a train if you have headphones on. Which brings us onto:

Talk to strangers

Meeting new people is the first step to making a connection and the best way to avoid loneliness and combat boredom while travelling alone. There is always someone you can strike up a conversation with at a hostel or guesthouse, on transport, while waiting for a connection etc. Even if it’s only for a few minutes, force yourself to say hello and ask questions. I have met friends for life in this way.

Play games online

There are times you’ll not be around other people but will want to connect. So one of the best solo travel entertainment tips is to have multiplayer games you can play remotely with friends. For example, you can play exciting games for real money at quality casinos and even get free perks and a sign-up bonus. Or you could play anything from Minecraft to online Scrabble.

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Join a group tour, course or experience

There is nothing like a group activity for making new friends. If you do a hiking experience, take a kitesurfing course, or join a group multi activity holiday it is likely you will bond with your fellow participants. Not only does this combat boredom while travelling alone, but you make new buddies and avoid feeling lonely.

Write a blog or journal

One of the best ways to combat boredom while travelling alone is to do something productive with your time. You could write an adventure blog for the world to see or keep a personal journal. Write about your day, what you did, who you met and anything that made you feel good or bad.

Call friends and family

Travelling solo is a great way to meet new people and see the world. But your friends and family back home will want to hear from you. Even if they don’t realise it, just talking to them provides support when feeling bored or lonely. It is so much easier to stay in touch these days with everything from Skype to Zoom and Google Meet to WhatsApp offering free online video calls.

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Use social media but don’t over use it

With social media it can seem easy to stay connected with your loved ones. But while this connection can be positive, social media can increase loneliness. Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Pinterest etc. all have their place, but the connection is less personal than a call and endlessly scrolling is not healthy. So use social to tell of your adventures and engage with friends, but try to avoid being drawn into its deeper darker depths.

Try apps to meet locals and travellers

There are many apps out there that help people connect with strangers. There are even plenty of travel specific apps aimed at friendship rather than sex. Check out apps such as Meetup, Patook, Tripr, Skout and Cliq. Always be extra careful when meeting strangers. Arrange to meet somewhere public and/or as part of a group, let people know where you are going and who you are meeting and leave if you get a bad vibe.

Read a book

A great way to combat boredom while travelling alone is to read a book. Preferably a real book made out of paper. While e-books are great they don’t help you meet people as you are less likely to talk to someone staring at a screen. Furthermore, books are also exchanged with other travellers which adds another social element.

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Seek help

Don’t forget that people travelling can still experience mental health issues such as anxiety and depression. Just because you should be ‘having the time of your life’ it does not mean that you will. So please seek help if you are really struggling with loneliness. There are charities all over the world with free phone lines where you can talk to someone.

We hope these 11 solo travel entertainment tips help you combat boredom while travelling alone. If you’d rather travel with other people then check out our amazing overlanding holidays worldwide.


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