Choosing a Family Ski Tour Operator: Skiing Holiday with a Toddler

Feb 08, 2021 BY Luke Rees

Parents taking a toddler on a ski holiday will understandably wonder do we keep the kids happy and safe while still having a good ski or snowboard holiday? Well, the answer lies in choosing a family ski tour operator. Booking with a specialist makes a skiing holiday with a toddler so much easier.

You need to choose a company that offers all the family-friendly facilities you need. Everything from comfy cot rooms to state-of-the-art play zones and themed activities to fun-packed snow play areas.

Ski Holiday, Esprit Ski, Ski Holiday with a toddler

Choosing a Family Ski Tour Operator

The large ski operators, and family specialists will cater for the whole family, right down to the youngest member. With the big companies such as Crystal Ski and Inghams, nursery and crèche options are limited to certain resorts.

So for more options look at specialist family ski companies such as Esprit Ski. They provide childcare services in all 14 of their resorts in France, Austria, Italy and Switzerland. Esprit have more than 30 years experience providing family ski holidays and are the UK’s leading family ski tour operator.

Having options is not just about the number of resorts but also providing a wide range of accommodation to choose from. This not just caters for different budgets and preferences but also for family dynamics.

Childcare at Ballunspitze Kinderhotel in Galtur

Hitting the Crèche (piste)

Before you hit the piste, you’ll need to make sure that all of your toddlers needs are met in the  crèche.

In a good crèche your kids will be thrilled and stimulated by a wide range of activities. At Esprit Ski mornings are often devoted to arts and crafts – but not before a free play session to ease everyone in. In the afternoon, older toddlers can mess around in the snow or even go ‘bumboarding’, provided they have parental permission.

Nurseries are equipped with toys and games specially selected for their educational value. Most nurseries at a family ski tour operator also run themed activity days such as teaching kids about the local environment and its flora and fauna.

Ski Holiday, Esprit Ski, Ski Holiday with a toddler

It goes without saying that everything your toddler does will be fully supervised at all times and by qualified nannies and nursery nurses. At Esprit Ski all staff are qualified to British standards and subjected to enhanced CRB checks.

Value for Money Family skiing

A ski holiday can be a pricey proposition particularly if taking the kids. Fortunately, a specialist family ski tour operator tends to offer some excellent deals. When booking a skiing holiday with a toddler look out for free group places, free insurance for children under 18, or free children’s lift passes. Anything to help soften the financial blow!

The additional cost of childcare for a toddler may seem one step too far. But family ski operators recognise that without a reasonably priced crèche many families would not get their annual ski holiday. Esprit Ski charge £399 for 6 full days child care. With around 50 hours of creche time this works out at less than £8 per hour – so not that much more than we pay at home.

Galtur Top tips for booking the best family ski holidays

Skiing holiday with a toddler

Taking your toddler on a ski holiday shouldn’t be more daunting then taking them on any other holiday. By putting them in a crèche you get your days free to enjoy your ski or snowboarding holidays, while your child has just as much fun while being kept safe.

I would recommend starting your search with a specialist family ski operator as they are more likely to provide something which fits your needs and hopefully your budget.

We hope you found this guide to choosing a family ski tour operator useful. Check out this Esprit Ski review from out skiing holiday with a toddler for more information. And find out what we thought of the Esprit Ski childcare here.

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