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So, what makes a great adventure blog? For us it’s a combination of action sports articles and independent gear and holiday reviews. We are all fascinated by the combination of adventure and travel, so when writing about it we want to do justice to both. We know for sure no one likes just one activity and the same goes for destinations. Travel and adventure sports are addictive, and... +

Is the Euro Winter X Games going mainstream?

Is the Euro Winter X Games going mainstream? I guess it depends how you classify mainstream, although it could be argued the...

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Top 10 Adventure Travel Gadgets for 2010

Here is my list of essential adventure travel gadgets for 2010. Now I first went on a big round the world trip just over 10...

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Top 10 Travel Laptops for 2010

Portability, networkability, and connectivity: with the latest laptops, it's definitely about ability. Although, when it...

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