Cannabis in Action Sports: Best CBD Adventure Travel Destinations

Jun 19, 2023 BY AWE365 Team

In the world of extreme sports, gravity is defied and fears are confronted head-on. From going big in the skate park to surfing monstrous waves, extreme sports exemplify raw energy and audacity, but does that come with the use of pot? Join us as we explore the use of cannabis in action sports and the best CBD adventure travel destinations.

use of cannabis in action sports and the evolving culture of CBD adventure travel surfing Todos Santos in Mexico CC Google (wikimedia) image by Boone Speed

As a relatively new snowboarder I moved to Whistler for a ski season. Little did I know that marijuana use was – and still is – legal in British Columbia. Living in a chalet with ten other snowboarders, plus a token skier, there was a joint handed around most evenings. I also tried, but didn’t get on with, having a smoke before hitting the slopes.

In this article we explore both the social connection between action sports and cannabis plus how products such as those by CBD AskGrowers are used by participants. Finally, we will explore the best CBD adventure travel destinations, and look at where people travel to partake in both the highs of the weed and extreme activities.

Best CBD Adventure Travel Destinations

The Social Dynamic of Cannabis in Action Sports

The connection between marijuana and action sports transcends mere substance use. It’s embedded in the social fabric of sports such as surfing, skateboarding, BMX and snowboarding.

Imagine a group of surfers congregating around a beach bonfire, passing around a joint and exchanging stories of the day’s greatest waves. Or a bunch of BMXers gathered in an urban park, sharing cannabis as they laugh over wipe outs and celebrate the tricks they’ve nailed.

BMX one of many adventure sports in California Pixabay royalty free image

In these instances, cannabis takes on a communal role, nurturing camaraderie and fostering shared experiences. Its consumption becomes a ritual, a symbol of unity and friendship that accentuates the social aspect of these sports. While frowned upon by many, and still illegal in much of the world, it is arguably less harmful than alcohol.

Does Cannabis Heighten Action Sports?

From the perspective of many action sports enthusiasts, cannabis amplifies the thrill of the ride. The THC compound in cannabis, known for its psychoactive properties, is said to heighten senses and deepen focus. This intensified perception can transform an already exhilarating decent, wave or trick into an even more immersive experience.

CBD, another key compound in cannabis, does not induce a ‘high,’ but creates a mellow felling. This calming effect can be particularly beneficial after a long day of physical exertion, helping participants to unwind and recover. But some find it helps them relax when participating, I had friends who believed they snowboarded better when stoned.

Festivals: Freedom, Rebellion and Cannabis

Outdoor festivals centered around action sports frequently embrace a free-spirited and rebellious vibe, making them a natural space for cannabis use. These events often serve as melting pots where sports, music, art, and collective enthusiasm intertwine. Here cannabis contributes to the overall vibe and energy.


However, it’s essential to remember that cannabis laws vary by location. With the emerging culture of CBD adventure travel it is important you are aware of local regulations to ensure products are consumed responsibly and legally. Additionally, competing athletes have different rules and could be disqualified if they fail drug tests.

CBD for Anxiety and Pain Relief

Action sports are as mentally challenging as they are physically demanding, often generating anxiety. Some athletes turn to cannabis for its anxiolytic properties, using it as a tool to maintain their cool under pressure. The sense of calm that CBD induces can help athletes remain focused and confident, even in high-pressure situations.

The role of cannabis extends into the physical realm, too. Falls, scrapes, and injuries are part and parcel of action sports, and dealing with the resulting pain is a challenge athletes face. Here, cannabis is championed for its pain-relieving properties, with athletes reporting that it aids in post-session recovery.

NFL players are known to use CBD products to manage their pain, stress and to help them sleep. However, cannabis should always be used responsibly and any medicinal usage should be under supervision of a medical professional.

Cannabis in action sports and the evolving culture of CBD adventure travel Pixabay royalty free image

Cannabis in Action Sports: The Flip Side

As with anything, the relationship between cannabis and action sports isn’t without potential pitfalls. Over-reliance and the risk of substance misuse are possible concerns, along with other potential health impacts. While marijuana is not known to be addictive tobacco is, so how you consume cannabis has to be considered.

Moreover, the legality of cannabis is a complex and evolving issue, and certain sports authorities have strict anti-doping policies that include cannabis. Athletes must stay informed and navigate this landscape with a keen understanding of the potential consequences, both legal and health-related.

There are also a long list of potential health problems associated with cannabis use. Such as sexual dysfunction, sleep disruption, issues with concentration or focus, depression and irritability. We all know stoners who’s life revolves around the next joint, and likewise we’ve all heard about pot being a gateway drug.

CBD Adventure Travel: Embracing the High Life

Travelling to places with different marijuana and CBD rules is not new, after all Amsterdam has been popular for decades. But combining the benefits of cannabis with the thrill of active holidays/vacations is certainly growing. So below we explore the best CBD adventure travel destinations.

Cannabis in action sports and the evolving culture of CBD adventure travel snowboarding royalty free image by pixabay


Canada legalized recreational cannabis use in 2018 and has long been a hotspot for action sports:

  • Skiing or snowboarding in Whistler or Banff.
  • Mountain biking through the Canadian Rockies.
  • Surfing the cold waters off Tofino.
  • Enjoying CBD products or a big spliff post-activity for fun, relaxation and recovery.


Uruguay, the first country to fully legalize cannabis, is also a great surf destination:

  • Surfing at Punta del Este.
  • Relaxing on the beach afterwards with a marijuana-infused drink.


In the USA, Colorado stands out for its cannabis-friendly laws and action sports opportunities:

Active staycation ideas Recreate adventure sports holidays at home Royalty free pxhere image

  • Skiing, snowboarding in the Rocky Mountains.
  • Some of the best downhill mountain biking destinations worldwide.
  • Rock climb in the Garden of the Gods.
  • Enjoy a joint or CBD products to mellow out after a long day of fun.


While not an obvious action sports destination, the Netherlands is perfect for a different CBD adventure travel. Cannabis is decimalised here:

  • Cycle the idyllic countryside or urban cycle paths.
  • Surf, kiteboard and windsurf on the North Sea.
  • Experience Amsterdam’s vibrant cannabis and CBD coffee shop culture.


Mexico is a destination that offers vibrant culture, stunning beaches and exciting extreme sports. It has recently legalised the recreational use of cannabis, including CBD products.

  • Surf in Mexico includes world-class waves on the beaches of Oaxaca and Baja California.
  • Kite, windsurf and scuba dive in Yucatan Peninsula.
  • Explore the ancient Mayan and Aztec ruins scattered across the country.
  • Wind down with a joint or CBD products in the evening.

adventure gap year ideas Climbing in Thailand Piqsels royalty free image


While Thailand doesn’t yet have a legalized recreational cannabis market, it has recently decriminalized it and is moving to more relaxed legalislation. This makes it an emerging hotspot for CBD Adventure Travel.

  • Experience the excitement of rock climbing in Railay, a world-class climbing destination.
  • Dive into the azure waters for scuba diving or snorkeling among vibrant coral reefs.
  • Enjoy Thailand’s famous nightlife, with the help of cannabis and CBD products.

South Africa

In South Africa private use of cannabis is legal. It’s also a country renowned for its diverse action sports scene.

  • The best South Africa surfing included many world renowned breaks.
  • For land lovers, mountain biking through South Africa’s diverse landscapes is a must.
  • And a visit would not be complete without a South Africa safari.
  • After an adrenaline-filled day, unwind with local CBD products or smoke a joint taking in the African sunset.

Conclusion: Cannabis Adventures

The connection between cannabis with action sports and adventure travel is a multifaceted one, characterised by communal bonding, recreational enhancement and potential therapeutic benefits. But there are also inherent challenges, risks and potential problems you need to be aware of.

Cannabis in action sports and the evolving culture of CBD adventure travel Pixabay royalty free image of skateboarding

As with alcohol and other recreational drugs, the most vital element of any marijuana or CBD use is responsibility. This is even more important when combined with action sports and adventures where there are additional dangers to consider. So it is probably best to enjoy after an activity rather than during, particularly if you could injure someone else.

We hope you found this discussion about the use of cannabis in action sports and the best CBD adventure travel destinations interesting. If you fancy getting active on your next vacation then check out these adventure holidays.


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