Canada kayaking holidays in BC with Spirit of the West Adventures

Feb 23, 2015 BY Paul McWilliams

British Columbia (known as BC for short) is a huge and stunningly beautiful province situated on the Pacific coast of Canada. It’s home to vast mountain ranges that fall into the ocean, impossibly green forests and a colossal network of glacial waterways and lakes to explore. It’s these unique natural conditions that add to the allure of Canada kayaking holidays in BC with Spirit of the West Adventures.

Desolation Sound image courtesy of Spirit of the West Adventures

In BC it’s nature that creates and dominates the culture. But respect the boundaries of the natural world and this is a place that’s endlessly rewarding. Explore on the water, passing through ancient wilderness with impossibly scenic backdrops, and you’ll experience a holiday like no other on the planet.

Kayak expeditions

Spirit Of The West Adventures LogoSpirit of the West Adventures offer a number of superb kayak tours in BC. Take to the water in the awe-inspiring Desolation Sound, backdropped by towering mountains and glaciers. This five day tour is one of the best Canada kayaking holidays. The summertime climate is almost Mediterranean, providing some of the best possible weather to enjoy the spectacular scenery.

The Nuchatlitz Marine Park also offers incredible sea kayaking holidays, complete with beautiful beaches, stunning wildlife and your chance to paddle beneath cascading waterfalls. This six day adventure takes in the best of the marine park, exploring one of Canada’s most pristine coastal environments. Set off from the remote coastal town of Tahsis, via water taxi, to access this spectacular destination, keeping your eyes peeled for sea otters and whales while you paddle the inlets and sea caves of Nuchalitz.

Image courtesy of Spirit of the West Adventures

Orca tours

The coastline of BC provides one of the world’s best opportunities for spotting and kayaking with killer whales, also known as orcas. Set off from base camp located in the heart of the Johnstone Strait, just off Vancouver Island, and get up and close and personal with one of nature’s most enigmatic creatures.

There are both four and six day Johnstone Strait expeditions available, and there’s also a new Orca Lite affordable option where you can experience the same thrills without the frills. It’s estimated that there are around 230 killer whales that return to these waters each year to feed and play on the pebble beaches of the Robson Bight Ecological Reserve. Immerse yourselves in their habitat and also spot the sea lions, minke whales, seals and playful dolphins that call these waters home.

Wilderness Kayaking Holidays: Image courtesy of Spirit of the West Adventures

Mothership tours

If you are looking for a little more luxury, then the Mothership Tours through the Broughton Archipelago and Great Bear rainforest each August offer you a chance to experience some of the most comfortable kayaking holidays in BC.

The Great Bear expedition departs from the remote northern First Nations of Bella Bella and passes through the magnificent steep sided fjords and inlets of the Coast Mountains. You can also travel to the Broughton Archipelago, usually inaccessible to kayakers, on board the Columbia III for a truly unforgettable paddling and whale watching adventure.

Image courtesy of Spirit of the West Adventures

International adventures

As well as specialising in Canada kayaking holidays, Spirit of the West Adventures have also branched out to offer their expertise in some of the world’s other amazing kayaking destinations. Each year in January, February and March you have the chance to experience another kind of kayak in the sun-kissed Bahamas or mysterious Chilean Patagonia. There’s also a unique opportunity to explore the world’s largest fjord system and towering icebergs at Scoresbysund, Greenland. Different landscapes, wildlife and environments, but equally incredible experiences.

On Canada kayaking holidays in BC with Spirit of the West Adventures you’ll be provided with all the equipment you need to make the most of these unique expeditions. The expert guides know the waters better than almost anyone, and will do their best to take you to this magical coastline’s most exhilarating spots.

No experience is required for kayaking in British Columbia, just an enthusiastic attitude and a desire to enjoy some of the world’s best kayaking. You’ll be introduced to techniques and kayaking safety, and groups are small so you’ll have the best experience possible. And with wildlife this impressive, with everything from majestic killer whales to bears and beautiful birdlife, just remember to bring your camera.

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