Can we get too close to nature? Close encounters with Killer Wales

May 11, 2021 BY AWE365 Team

Some sports take you closer to nature. And the closer you get, the greater your responsibility. Nature as scenery is passive; it’s usually the weather conditions that will pose the real danger. That is until you come face to face with some of the biggest animals on the planet… Check out these close encounters with Killer Wales.

Can we get too close to nature? Close encounters with Killer Wales: Image courtesy of Spirit of the West Adventures

Close encounters with Killer Wales: Swimming

The video clip is a beautiful one. There’s no denying that it’s an amazing bit of footage of the Orca/Killer Wales. Nature documentaries take years to get this close. But when is close too close?

The International Whaling Commission’s Scientific Committee (IWC SC) has previously noted that “whale swims have the potential to negatively impact whales through harassment and disturbance”. So clearly there are times when close is too close.

Which really is not the plan. Further reading shows that divers have their own concerns. A piece in suggests that the best place to view whales is from the boat.

Close encounters with Killer Wales: Kayaking

What about paddle boarding, kayaking or canoeing experiences with wales? Well these sport creates zero pollution and you are not in the water. It is about as respectful of the natural environment as is possible and offers opportunities that motorised craft cannot replicate.

Still, kayaking at sea can bring you into unchartered territories. You are not on a boat, and only people with experience and the skills to head out into the deeper water should venture so far.

But having spotted a pod of killer whales up ahead, would you follow the tell-tale exhaled blasts of mist or keep your distance? Watch this video: It’s incredible! But are we sometimes getting a little close for our own good?

Can we get too close to nature?

The simple answer to this is yes we can. And yes we do. All the time.

The above examples are for recreation and although the human has possibly put themselves in a position to meet the orcas, it is still the wales choice to get that close. Unfortunately, we do not always give the wildlife the choice.

At the end of the day wild creatures should be treated with respect and viewing should be done in a sustainable and non-damaging way. Like they do on this Spirit of the West wales and wilderness glamping adventure in Canada (picture at the top of the page).

We hope you found this article exploring the question ‘Can we get too close to nature?’ thought provoking. Check out these wildlife and safari holidays worldwide as there are plenty of trips offering respectful animal encounters. 


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