Campervan surfing holidays in Portugal: The best way to find your perfect break

Dec 05, 2013 BY Paul McWilliams

All up and down the Atlantic coast of Portugal you can find some of the best waves in Europe, if not the world. You only have to look at the giant waves surfed by Carlos Burle and Andrew Cotton in late 2013 to see what conditions are like. But campervan surfing holidays in Portugal are more than just about the waves (even if they are some of the biggest and best in the world).

Campervan surfing holidays in Portugal image by West Coast Campers

Once you’ve rented a van, you’re free to explore the coastline, moving from one incredible surf spot to the next – with you, all your kit and a couple of good friends in the van. Get ready for a holiday that’s freedom and adventure filled. Below is everything you need to know.

Why go for a campervan?

West Coast Campers - campervan surfing holidays in PortugalThere are many advantages to campervan travel in Portugal, especially when you’re on a surfing holiday. Without the expense of hotels, early check outs and hassle of reservations, things tend to be a lot simpler. Plus, if you hire a van, it’s both your accommodation and travel sorted in one go. Double the savings and triple the fun.

That’s not to say that you’ll be slumming it in the van by any means. Campervans are designed to maximise space. Ok, so it might not be the Albert Hall in there but there’s everything you need. Ample sleeping space folds away to create a small living area, and there are even facilities to cook your meals. The thinking also goes that in Portugal, you’ll be out on the water so much you won’t want to be inside unless you can help it.

Campervan surfing holidays in Portugal image by West Coast Campers

Where to go

With around 800 kilometres of coastline, much of which is exposed to the huge Atlantic swell, there is no shortage of surfing spots. If you’re feeling really brave, you can tackle Nazare, the site of the biggest waves ever surfed, as mentioned above. But if you’re not quite ready for that challenge there are countless others to investigate.

Check out the popular Amado beach, the tubes at Belgas or the reef breaks of the Peniche region at Lagido. There are so many to choose from that if conditions aren’t great or if the water is heaving with surfers, you can simply head up the coast to the next top spot. That’s the beauty of campervan surfing holidays in Portugal.

Campervan surfing holidays in Portugal image by West Coast Campers

Where to camp

Free camping in the van in a suitable place (such as a beach or supermarket car park) is usually tolerated in Portugal as long as you’re not overstepping the mark. Keep your things inside the van (erecting tents is generally discouraged) and you shouldn’t have many problems. Of course, you are free to sit outside the van and hang out but keep it tidy and respectful, and always leave the spot as you found it and things should be fine.

West Coast Campers - campervan surfing holidays in PortugalOf course, if you’re looking for a few more facilities, there are plenty of campsites up and down the coast. Not only will you have access to water, showers and the rest, but you’ll also have a little extra security too.

Campervan surfing holidays in Portugal are a perfect way of combining the freedom of the road, the low cost of camping and the exhilaration of a surfing break. Check out the wheels and deals at companies like West Coast Campers for more information about your next surfing holiday


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