Brazilian kiteboarding holidays: 14 Best Brazil kitesurf spots

Dec 01, 2017 BY Luke Rees

On returning from Brazilian kiteboarding holidays, more than one of my friends have quit their jobs and moved to Brazil. Why? Well two simple reasons, the girls are smoking hot and the best Brazil kitesurf spots are out of this world.

Brazilian kiteboarding holidays: 14 Best Brazil kitesurf spots Flickr image by Cold North Photography

Brazilian kiteboarding holidays

So it’s no surprise that Brazil has gained recognition as one of the world’s premiere destinations for wind-powered sports. The place really has everything you need for great adventure travel: low cost of living, great weather, strong wind, good-looking people, vast variety of kite spots, a long season and a love for parties.

Brazil is a massive country with almost 7,500km of coastline. So it is possible to find all styles of kitesurfing from flat water to waveriding. Also conditions vary from tropical in the north to wetsuit wearing in the far south.

Kitesurfing in Brazil is famous for its protected lagoons, epic downwinders and spectacular Southern Atlantic swells. The wind tends to be good for most of the country between May and February, leaving just March and April as the time not to go on Brazilian kiteboarding holidays.

On the down side, being one of the goto kitesurfing holiday destinations some of the big names spots can get very busy during peak times. But if you’re down for some alone time there are endless places to ride. Of course with the holiday crowds comes plenty of partying….

Brazilian kiteboarding holidays in Jericoacoara one of the 14 Best Brazil kitesurf spots image by FreerideKitesurf

Best Brazil kitesurf spots

Every kitesurfer has a different definition of the perfect kite spot. So we don’t expect this list to please everyone. If we have missed your favourite spot then let us know in the comments, but please don’t get too upset, it was tough narrowing it down to just 14 spots.

Working down the Brazilian coast from north to south these are what we consider to be the top kitesurfing destinations in Brazil. So, if you want to find out why we feel the best Brazil kitesurf spots are out of this world, then read on:

Atins, State of Maranhão

Atins is located on the edge of the beautiful Lençois Maranhenses National Park. It is one of Brazil’s largest protected dune and lagoon systems, and a little slice of kitesurfing paradise – particularly for beginners or if you are looking for flat water.

This tiny fisherman’s village has maintained its authenticity with sandy streets lined with coconut trees. At low tide sandbanks emerge from the River Preguiças delta forming large turquoise lagoons of flat water. It’s perfect for kitesurfers of all levels and great for freestyle.

Brazilian kiteboarding holidays in Atins one of the 14 Best Brazil kitesurf spots image by FreerideKitesurf

At the ocean’s edge, the sandbanks create waves that can be a lot of fun, but this is predominantly a flat water spot. At higher tides the lagoons can get choppy, but there is plenty of space for everyone. If you are looking for authentic Brazilian kiteboarding holidays this is the spot for you.

Jericoacoara, State of Ceará

Affectionately known as Jeri, this village hidden among the sand dunes has become a world famous kitesurfing destination. Only accessible by 4×4 it feels like an adventure getting there, and those that do are generally serious about their wind sports.

On the water you have wave-riding and flat-water conditions on hand. With beaches many kilometers long there is plenty of space for all and spots suitable for every level of kitesurfer.

In the evening everyone hits the town, walking the sandy streets with a drink in hand and browsing the shops and stalls. There are many great restaurants and plenty of bars to choose from, with live music and a really good vibe making it one of the best Brazil kitesurf spots.

Brazilian kiteboarding holidays in Jericoacoara one of the 14 Best Brazil kitesurf spots image by FreerideKitesurf

Paracuru, State of Ceará

There are no lagoons here, in Paracuru you’ll be kitesurfing on the ocean. Kitesurfers come here for one thing – waves. Often reaching two meters high as they break over the reef, kitesurfers flock to Paracuru for the waveriding, which can be spectacular.

At high tide, the water in the bay is choppy so conditions are pretty average. But at low tide, the water is smooth to flat and can be very enjoyable for freestyle kitesurfing. Watch out for fishing stakes protruding from the water – it would be nasty to land on one of those.

The small town is about a 10-minute drive from the kitesurfing and is a typical Brazilian beach resort, although not as lively as some. The massive church in the middle of the town is a beautiful landmark.

Taiba, State of Ceará

For many kitesurfers, this is a favorite place to spend time. The town is much smaller than nearby – and more famous – Cumbuco and noticeably cheaper. There is still plenty of nightlife, but it is a spot to kitesurf where there is nightlife rather than a party town where you can also kitesurf.

Brazilian kiteboarding holidays in Tailba one of the 14 Best Brazil kitesurf spots image by FreerideKitesurf

The lagoon is flat, shallow and offers perfect conditions. Although at times it gets busy, it is just as possible to have this place to yourself, and most of the time it is uncrowded. Out on the ocean there is a great waveriding spot which makes Taiba appeal to all.

The vibe on the water is less intense than in other nearby destinations. So if you’re looking for relaxing Brazilian kiteboarding holidays, that still have decent nightlife, then check out Taiba.

Lagoa do Cauipe, State of Ceará

This place is like Grand Central Station in New York. You simply have to visit, but do not ride here at peak hours unless you’re highly skilled. Located a short drive from Cumbuco, Lagoa do Cauipe is a breeding ground of talent making it one of the best Brazil kitesurf spots.

At times, there are 35-40 kites jammed into a confined area, plus just as many others waiting on the shoreline. There is a full-on kite scene here with places to hang out, eat and drink overlooking the water. It’s blissfully relaxing off the water and full-on adrenaline on it!

Brazilian kiteboarding holidays in Lagoa do Cauipe one of the 14 Best Brazil kitesurf spots Flickr image by Ernesto Coimbra

If you ever have to guess where a picture of kitesurfing in Brazil was taken, then guess here. If you’re just learning, come for the atmosphere and to be amazed by the depth of kitesurfing talent at Lagoa do Cauipe.

Cumbuco, State of Ceará

This town is one of the most popular destinations for Brazilian kiteboarding holidays, partly due to its location just 40 minutes from the Fortaleza Airport. It’s popularity means the main riding areas can be crowded at times. But there are quieter spots nearby, so you can always find some space if you want it.

The advantages of a larger town are more options for nightlife, restaurants, accommodation and non-kiting activities. However, the influx of tourists to Cumbuco, many of whom do not kitesurf, has driven the prices up and kite vibe down.

After kitesurfing in more remote areas Cumbuco may not be your favorite place to ride, but it’s nice to hang out for a few days to refresh your social skills and enjoy the never ending party. It has everything you could want for a fun filled vacation – whether you kitesurf of not.

Brazilian kiteboarding holidays in Cumbuco one of the 14 Best Brazil kitesurf spots image by FreerideKitesurf

Barra Nova, State of Ceará

Just over an hour from Fortaleza Airport you’ll find Barra Nova. The big draw here is the beachfront accommodation at reasonable prices. It’s fairly new as destinations for Brazilian kitesurfing holidays go, so visit while it is still quiet.

Oh and the kitesurfing isn’t bad either! There is an 800 meter long flatwater lagoon that is perfect for beginners and freestylers. When a swell comes in there is good waveriding out on the ocean at all tides – in our books this makes it one of the best Brazil kitesurf spots.

Parajuru, State of Ceará

Further south of Fortaleza, you’ll find endless beaches dotted with small fishing villages along the Ceara coastline. You’ll also find one of the best Brazil kitesurf spots if you’re looking for idyllic and unspoilt kitesurfing in Brazil.

Here, you’ll find a huge lagoon at the mouth of the Rio Pirangi. There is warm water and constant wind from July to January and the locals ride here from March to June. Depending on the tides, you can kite in the lagoon or take advantage of the waves that border it.

Kitesurfing Brazil Parajuru by Cecile from Castelo Vendom

The wind is most powerful in the afternoon, making mornings perfect for beginners with plenty of space to learn. Later it becomes ideal for experienced and expert kitesurfers with freestyle, strapless and speed all possible.

Parajuru is very different to the popular spots north of Fortaleza. It shows a calm side of Brazil where life is relaxing. Still relatively unknown, this is the place to go for low-cost and relaxing Brazilian kiteboarding holidays. It’s also included as one of the top unspoiled Latin American kite spots.

Galinhos, State of Rio Grande do Norte

Found on a long sandbar between the Atlantic Ocean and the Aratua River, Galinhos is made for kitesurfing. Although it is well embedded into the kitesurf trail, it still feels undiscovered due to a lack of crowds or mainstream tourism.

It’s a small but charming, authentic and laid-back fishing village without any motorised transport. In Galinhos you have the choice to kitesurf on the beach or in the lagoon. From the beach you can access both flatwater and some very good waveriding.

Brazilian kiteboarding holidays in galinhos one of the 14 Best Brazil kitesurf spots image by FreerideKitesurf

The Galinhos lagoon is 5km long and surrounded by beautiful sand dunes. Conditions here are often choppy, but there are always some areas of flat water – including some great secret spots. Ideal for beginners to experts and freestylers to waveriders Galinhos is suited to all.

Sao Miguel do Gostoso, State of Rio Grande do Norte

Fancy Brazilian kiteboarding holidays in a friendly and quirky cosmopolitan town? Then Sao Miguel do Gostoso may be what you are looking for. It’s home to cool little restaurants, lovely posadas and of course great kitesurfing.

It is a popular destination for Brazilians looking for a beach holiday, plus it attracts travelers passing up and down the coast. What makes this one of the best Brazil kitesurf spots? You’ll find flatwater and waveriding – two meters waves are not uncommon – a stones throw from each other.

Barra Grande, State of Piaui

As the latest “must visit spot” for kitesurfers in Brazil, Barra Grande is the place to go while it is still authentic. It’s a small, charming village surrounded by scenic beauty that is not just attracting kitesurfers but beginning to be noticed by regular tourists.

Brazilian kiteboarding holidays in Barra Grande one of the 14 Best Brazil kitesurf spots image by FreerideKitesurf

The area is blessed with a multitude of varied kite spots that enable you to explore thus stunning part of Brazil. From idyllic shallow flatwater that is perfect for beginners and freestylers, to two meter waves, there is something for everyone and plenty of space to enjoy it.

Araruama Lake, State of Rio de Janeiro

This flat-water spot located near Rio De Janeiro is one of the sickest freestyle places outside of the northeastern region of Brazil. The lake is waist deep and even when the wind is totally cranking the water remains slick as butter.

Many top-level kiters train here to avoid the crowds around the main Rio beaches. Araruama Lake is a beautiful place and easily one of the best Brazil kitesurf spots. It’s quite a well kept secret and not yet part of the kitesurfing travel circuit – for now.

Barra da Tijuca, State of Rio de Janeiro

Many of Brazil’s national kiteboarding championships are held on this 18 km long stretch of beach in Rio. Barra da Tijuca can be a madhouse on hot summer weekends, as it’s fashion central for all the beautiful people living in Rio.

Brazilian kiteboarding holidays in Barra da Tijuca one of the 14 Best Brazil kitesurf spots Flickr image by barrazine

It can be compared to Miami’s South Beach. If you’re after a hot date during Brazilian kiteboarding holidays, you may want to hang out in this area on a summer afternoon.

On the whole there is plenty of space to launch and land kites, but crowds can be a problem at times. Always remember that you’re a part of the crowd too. The rider that you’re agitated by is probably equally annoyed by you.

Campeche (C-Bay), State of Santa Catarina

This is a wave riding spot on the Florianopolis Peninsula. When it’s breaking properly, it has been compared to Jeffrey’s Bay in South Africa making it one of the best Brazil kitesurf spots.

There are plenty of waves around so you’ll be able to kite away from the crowds. There are barrels to be had in C-Bay for both traditional surfers and kitesurfers. The best waves are in the winter, so if you’re planning Brazilian kiteboarding holidays at this time of year, you’ll want a wetsuit this far south.

Brazilian kiteboarding holidays in Jericoacoara one of the 14 Best Brazil kitesurf spots image by FreerideKitesurf

Brazil is a rapidly developing country. Having hosted the World Cup in 2014 and the Olympics in 2016, tourism in Brazil has never been more popular. And the kitesurfing just keeps getting better and better, with new spots being added to the kite trail all the time.

We hope our 14 best Brazil kitesurf spots has you planning to book Brazilian kiteboarding holidays. If you do, be sure to check out our kitesurfing discounts as you could save a packet.


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