Brazil Kitesurfing Adventure Holidays with Windy Addiction

Mar 12, 2014 BY AWE365 Team

With the World Cup, Olympics and a booming economy, Brazil is attracting a lot of attention right now. But for those in the know, its windy Northern coast has always been the place to be for the best Brazil kitesurfing adventure holidays.

ilha do guajiru kitesurfing holidays image courtesy of Windy Addiction

Windy Addiction offers Kitesurfing trips along the windiest section of the country’s coast in Ceara. Starting just north of Fortaleza, international airport code FOR, the Kite trip offers incredible wave and flat water spot with conditions for riders of all levels.

Personalised Brazil kitesurfing adventure holidays

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Offering seven to ten day kite adventure trips on the coast, Windy Addiction is one of the region’s premier kite holiday specialists. Each trip is specially customised for your group, we want to make sure you kite the best spots and get to see, feel and taste the local culture.

Before you set off you’ll be asked to fill in a ‘must see and do’ questionnaire. This will let Windy Addiction know exactly what you want to get from your kiting adventure and tailor the trip around groups’ preferences. You won’t get this kind of personalised service on any other kitesurfing holiday.

What to expect on Brazil kitesurfing adventure holidays

Although there is technically no such thing as a typical trip, there are some things you can expect from all Windy Addiction adventures:

  1. Wind, you are guaranteed wind.
  2. You will kite some of the best kiting spots in the world and are known only to local guides.

Some cities that can be included are Cumbuco, Paracuru, Ilha do Guajiru, Jericoacoara and Maramar… There are other to choose from as well. For those capable there are some incredible ten, twenty and 50km downwinders with beach support. This is an experience not to miss.

Brazil kitesurfing adventure holidays with Windy addiction

Each day on your trip you’ll spend plenty of hours on the water, progressing towards taking on some of the bigger surf and later hitting some super flat lagoons. After kiting, you’ll be eating incredible food, exploring vast sand dunes and generally having the time of your life. When the trip comes to an end, and you are eating the farewell dinner, you won’t want to say goodbye.

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Brazil kitesurfing adventure holidays guarantee amazing conditions, beautiful sunsets, moon-lit parties on the beach, and the best kiting in the world. If you are ready for adventure and you want a guided trip with the freedom to choose your destinations…then get in touch with Windy Addiction to find out more.

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