Bodrum rock climbing holidays in Turkey: Climb Datca and Bafa Golu

Oct 23, 2019 BY AWE365 Team

Looking to add some vertical excitement to your Turkish summer holiday? Then check out this guide to Bodrum rock climbing holidays in Turkey. You can Climb Datca and Bafa Golu both of which are close enough for a day trip.

Introducing Bodrum

The buzzing coastal city of Bodrum is the place to be for holidaymakers looking for sun, nightlife and culture. Bodrum attracts a varied crowd, visitors range from low cost holiday makers to those in luxury five star hotels.

Bodrum rock climbing holidays in Turkey image courtesy of Climbing Datca Facebook Page

Many sailing holidays start, end or visit Bodrum creating an even more transient crowd than most summer holiday destinations. This makes it fun, lively and interesting.

Culturally there is St Peter’s Castle, the Bodrum Amphitheatre and a couple of museums. There are also many fabulous beaches, plenty of bars and restaurants and the local bazaar to keep you busy.

There are many activities and adventures that can be done in and around Bodrum. Understandably many of these are watersports with sailing very popular. However there is also good bouldering and Bodrum rock climbing for those who want a vertical adventure.

Marina in Bodrum for Turkey sailing holiday Pixabay royalty free image

Rock climbing holidays in Turkey

Turkey is not short of mountains, but it is short of rock climbers. Climbing only became established in the country in the 1990s, so crags here do not see the crowds that other receive.

But there is plenty of opportunity for rock climbing holidays in Turkey. There are many crags to explore and discover away from the beaten track, and much of it has not yet been developed.

Geyikbayiri, near Antalya, is Turkey’s largest climbing area. With more than 750 bolted climbing routes including a 1.5 km long limestone crag, with lots of overhangs and slabs. But Geyikbayiri is over five hours from Bodrum.

Turkey Rock Climbing Flickr image by magnezja

Guide to Bodrum rock climbing holidays

A lack of crags means you can’t get rock climb in Bodrum. However there is an artificial climbing wall at Parkim Ayaz Hotel if you want to get some practice in. But there are two spots nearby that make Bodrum rock climbing holidays in Turkey possible. 

Bafa Golu bouldering

The nearest climbing is at Bafa Golu where you’ll find an excellent bouldering site. Hard rock boulders stretch down the mountain sides and over its peak.

If you are into bouldering you’ll never get bored at Bafa Golu! It can be found around 90 minutes north of Bodrum near Bafa Lake and the village of Herakleia.

While Bafa Golu offers perfect bouldering, it doesn’t offer anything else. For proper rock climbing you need to head directly south across the water to Datca Peninsula.

Climb Datca Peninsula

Datca can be reached by car but it’s a two and a half hour drive down Bodrum Peninsula and up Datca peninsula. It is far easier to get the ferry from Bodrum to Datca. Running up to three times a day from May to December it takes around an hour and a half.

It is mainly limestone with a number of crags. For those who want to climb Datca Peninsula there are around 300 documented sport routes, ranging from F5a to F9b.

Climb Datca on Bodrum rock climbing holidays in Turkey image courtesy of Climbing Datca Facebook Page

There are slabs and vertical walls with pockets or small crimps. Plus there are plenty of overhangs with tufas, plus large overhanging caves such as Can Baba. 

Much of the climbing in Datca is single pitch, but you’ll need at least a 70 or 80m rope. Be prepared as some routes require 17 to 18 quickdraws.

There is also multi pitch routes and trad climbing in Datca. Due to the high summer temperatures most climbers visit between mid-October and May. However you could in theory climb Datca year round. For more info go to the Climbing Datca Facebook page.

Climb Datca in Turkey image courtesy of Climbing Datca Facebook Page

Bodrum rock climbing holidays

While you can’t rock climb in the city itself, Bodrum rock climbing holidays are certainly possible. The nearby crags and bouldering are excellent and wining easy reach for a day trip.

Because Bodrum has so many facilities it would make a great base to climb Datka and go bouldering in Bafa Golu. However, if you are really serious about time on the face then you are better to stay as the climbing. Just be sure to spend a few days in Bodrum on the way through.

Huge thanks to the Climbing Datca Facebook page for images 1, 4 and 5. If heading to Bodrum check out our Turkey adventure sports discounts as you could save a fortune on your next holiday.

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