Biking holidays in Vietnam with Countryside Adventures

May 16, 2014 BY Paul McWilliams

Most people know that Vietnam is home to spectacular scenery, scintillating cuisine and a rich culture but less known is the fact it’s a world class cycling destination. Biking holidays in Vietnam take in all of the above and plenty more, especially along the incredible Mekong delta.

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Cycle through peaceful and vibrant paddies, under coconut plantations and through remote villages, meeting and staying with friendly locals on the cycle tour of a lifetime. With a range of ready-made and custom-built Vietnam and Mekong cycling adventures, Countryside Adventures offer some of the best cycling tours in the region.

The Mekong Delta

Vietnam Countryside Adventures logoThere are many ways of exploring the Mekong Delta, including cruising and walking, but cycling is definitely one of the best. It’s a great way of getting up close and personal with the local people, experiencing and sharing their daily lives, with the aim of understanding better how they live in this incredible environment.

You’ll cycle through the rice paddies, fruit orchards and past the famous Mekong Delta nursery farms. Visit the floating market at Cantho City and spend a day learning how to farm or cook Vietnam-style. Speaking of the food, this is always one of the highlights of any Vietnam adventure. It’s not for nothing that Vietnamese cuisine is revered the world over, and sampling the goods first hand in their place of origin is a big highlight of any trip.

biking holidays in Vietnam image by Indochina Countryside Travel

Why cycle?

Cycling is absolutely the best way of exploring Vietnam and specifically the Mekong delta. Biking holidays in Vietnam open up new horizons, giving you the flexibility and freedom to explore that you don’t get walking or on a boat.

Being a river delta, the going is mostly very flat so you won’t wear yourself out going up and down endless hills. A good mountain bike should be able to take on the trails with little trouble, making it suitable for all levels of rider.

biking holidays in Vietnam image by Indochina Countryside Travel

The tours

Countryside Adventures offer a range of Mekong delta tours. Choose between their two, three and four day tours, exploring the delta, meeting the locals and hopefully giving a little something back to the local community.

Alternatively you could opt for the one-day cultural cycling tour of Hue, the ancient capital city. Take in the palaces, pagodas, royal mausoleums and traditional houses of this majestic city on a different but no less spectacular Vietnam cycling adventure.

biking holidays in Vietnam image by Indochina Countryside Travel

Of course, Countryside Adventures also specialize in tailor-made cycling adventures. So simply tell them what you want to get from your Vietnam adventure and they’ll build you a tour to tick off all the boxes. Simply get in touch to see what they can offer. They also offer biking holidays in nearby Laos and Cambodia for a more extensive Indochina cycling adventure.

The best way to see and experience Vietnam is definitely on two wheels, with the freedom and flexibility of cycling hard to beat. Plus you have the added bonus that as well as taking in all the incredible sights, sounds and smells of the country, you’ll be getting a good workout while you do it. That’s what makes the biking holidays in Vietnam available with Countryside Adventures so special.

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