Best windproof jackets for Summer: Top 5 windbreaker coats

Aug 28, 2021 BY Mark Pawlak

They come in many guises, but the simple windproof – some call them a windbreaker – is an essential piece of outdoor gear. The best windproof jackets for Summer featured here are great examples of the choices you have.

Man in mountains wearing windbreaker jacket with arms outstretched

5 best windproof jackets for Summer

We’ve featured these windbreaker coats based on 5 types, from practical to technical, so there should be a model here for everyone.

Why pack a windproof?

Summer is an odd season. If you think it’s all going to be sunshine then you’re in for a surprise. Living outdoors, no matter your sport, there’s a need for a lightweight layer that cuts the wind but doesn’t heat up like a waterproof would.

There’s lots of ways to do this – you can even have a windproof that’s a little showerproof. Most important is that you pack one. And considering they’re cheap and have a hundred uses, you’d be foolish not to get one.

For more advice take a look at our buying a windproof jacket post. But if you already know about fabrics and are just up for some options, here’s the top 5 windbreaker coats across a range of styles and budgets.

Best practical windbreaker for Summer

Really good looking as well as practical – and it’s decently priced. The Berghaus Corbeck Windproof Jacket could be useful on Summer camping holidays as it works well as part of a casual outfit and easily stashes into your daysack. Excellent colour combinations and mild showerproofing, too.

Berghaus Corbeck Windproof Jacket
Material: Ripstop/ Polymide with PFC-free water repellent finish
Why: Excellent combination of materials, features and colours
Price: £80.00 / US$110

Best technical windproof jacket for Summer

Paramo’s reputation precedes it by many miles. The Ostro is a clever combo jacket – it’s often used alongside the company’s Ostro fleece to build a waterproof layer. It stands alone as a windproof and it’s technical, in that it’s designed specifically for outdoor activities – in this case climbing and mountaineering (it’ll also do just fine at lower altitudes).

Paramo Ostro
Material: Nikwax® Windproof
Why: Lots of features, including a hood that fits over your helmet. A full jacket designed for activity as well as a throw on.
Price: £100 / US$130

Best casual windproof jacket for Summer

There’s a couple of jackets from Charles River Apparel which are casual as well as cheap, and fit the bill. There’s decent prices and useful features on both the Bunker Windshirt and the 1/4 zip anorak-style Colour Blocked Pack-n-go. Casual and cheap and worth a look.

Charles River Apparel Pack-n-go
Material: 100% Softex™ Polyester
Why? Simple solution that will suit many roles, good features and colour combos, unpretentious and useful
Price £30 / US$40.00

The coolest windbreaker jacket for summer

You don’t need to be sport-specific when choosing the best windproof jackets. This Class V Fanorak from The North Face is aimed at ‘Urban exploration’ but it’ll take care of business as easily on the side of a hill as on the street.

The North Face Class V Fanorack
Material: Recycled Nylon and 6% elastane
Why? It’s cool, and should dry quick. Also has non-PFC DWR finish, stretchy, lots of pockets – might be a little warm though…but it’s super cool.
Price: UK £115.00 / US$110

Classic outdoor windproof shirt for Summer

Ok, it’s not really a jacket, but why pack a jacket when you can pack a shirt? Windproof and made from the exceptional – and little known ventile cotton – the Hilltrek Kintail Organic Ventile Shirt is a little special. Multiple uses and handmade from organic cotton, it’s a formal style but it’s built to last.

Hilltrek Kintail Organic Ventile Shirt
Material: Organic Ventile Cotton with PFC-free water repellency
Why: Unique and multipurpose shirt/ jacket cross-over. A classic.
Price: £120.00 / USD $166.96


I hope you enjoyed this post on the best windproof jackets for Summer. Do you know any models/ brands we might not heard of?  Let us know in the comments below and check out our many adventure gear articles here.

Keep up with us on social and drop the #Awe365 on your outdoor/adventure stories and we’ll happily share them.


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