Best travel safety apps: Top 7 online tools for safer adventures worldwide

Sep 28, 2022 BY AWE365 Team

It’s common to encounter unplanned difficulties while travelling, even more so when in adventurous destinations. So we’ve pulled together the best travel safety apps that will help you avoid common problems. Read on to check out these top 7 online tools for safer adventures worldwide.

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Experienced adventure travellers know that something can always go wrong. Luckily, smartphones can make your travels safer. But smartphones can be the source of some troubles. Hackers can target your device to steal credentials, deliver viruses and check when you’re not at home.

To have safer adventures worldwide, we have gathered a list of useful apps. It includes the fastest VPN, real-time news alerts, location trackers and much more. Let’s dive right in.

Best travel safety apps

Top 7 online tools for safer adventures worldwide

Of course the apps and tools below will not guarantee your safety during action sport and adventure holidays. A big part of remaining safe is how you handle yourself and how alert and aware you are of potential risks.

Furthermore, none of the below actually improve your safety while doing risky adventures. Whether you are surfing or skiing, skydiving or scuba diving and skating or spelunking there are risks involved. It is down to you to mitigate them.

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However, these online tools for safer adventures worldwide will help with the travel and technology side of any trip.


Hope for the best, but prepare for the worst. That’s what bSafe is all about. And what makes it one of the best travel safety apps.

Select your trusted contacts, and every time you activate the app, it will send a live video and audio stream to them. They will receive an alarm on their smartphones and your GPS location on the map. What’s more, the app records everything that is happening. So if law enforcement asks for proof, you have it right there.

Just say the app activation phrase when you feel like you’re in a difficult or dangerous situation, and it automatically begins recording.


If you don’t mind spending extra money for extra security, you should definitely get CloseCircle.

CloseCircle one of the Top 7 online tools for safer adventures worldwide

This app is your bodyguard. Coming from a British-based security firm, it provides services like location tracking, emergency evacuation, specialist intervention, and more.

Emergency evacuation is extremely useful. For example, an unexpected catastrophe recently hit Pakistan and flooded one-third of the country. Another example would be the raging wildfires in the U.S. It’s well-known that climate has become more unpredictable. So, CloseCircle can send professional personnel to evacuate you from such dangerous situations.

Locate Global

This is another British app that steps up the security to be one of the top online tools for safer adventures worldwide. The Locate Global technology works for organisations, helping them to locate, monitor, protect and communicate, with lone workers and mobile employees globally.

Critical incidents ranging from environmental disasters to terrorism and power outages to cyber-attacks happen all the time. Locate Global provides the support to make critical decisions very quickly to limit risk and ensure safety. It’s recently kept people safe in Iraq, Mexico, Pakistan and Egypt.

While not specifically designed for individual travellers this is one of the best travel safety apps for those entering dangerous areas. So if you want to trek in Afghanistan, work on a charity project in Burkina Faso or take an Egypt scuba diving trip to areas that should not be visited, then Locate Global can help.

Locate Global one of the Best travel safety apps


Smartphone security should not be taken lightly. Cybercriminals often target travelers because that’s when they are most vulnerable. What could be worse than getting hacked while away from home?

Virtual Private Network (VPN) is a privacy protection-oriented cybersecurity software. It encrypts your traffic, channels it through a secured server, and masks your I.P. address. Some highly developed VPNs have real-time protection from viruses.

Cybersecurity experts recommend always using a VPN on public Wi-Fi, which is typical for travellers. Public Wi-Fi networks often lack sufficient security features leaving you open to attack. But a VPN will protect your online traffic from undesired attention. Use it whenever you do banking operations or social media on public Wi-Fi.

Smart Traveler

This one goes to explorers from the United States. It’s an official State department app that will keep you updated on all the necessary information about your target destination. It will provide travel warnings and alerts, U.S. embassy locations, maps, and more. The Smart Traveler app is a valuable companion and one of the best travel safety apps for Americans.


Sitata is an excellent app for getting news on important world events. It scouts the Internet for disease outbreaks, violent protests, and other safety issues that might affect your voyage. It has a user review section so travellers can share their experiences and alert others of potential scams.

Best travel safety apps Sitata one of the Top 7 online tools for safer adventures worldwide

Sitata allows you to search for nearby hospitals and provides their contact information and location. In case of a health emergency, it’s a must-have. What’s more, the app is free making it one of the top online tools for safer adventures worldwide without a charge. Use it to plan your route in advance to avoid any nasty surprises.

Trip Lingo

Trip Lingo is perfect for traveling in exotic countries with an interactive phrasebook and instant voice translator. It helps you to stay safe abroad with local emergency information, medical phrases and other safety tools.

Furthermore, the Wi-Fi dialler allows you to make free international calls when connected to the web. Plus you’ll find a currency converter and a tip calculator to help you with finances.

Travelling unprepared might ruin your whole experience. So we hope these best travel safety apps will come of use and keep you safe while abroad! Check out these top backpacker apps for more useful technology tips.

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