Best soft adventure holidays: Easy active breaks for the mildly adventurous

Jan 27, 2020 BY Luke Rees

Not everyone wants to be extreme, but most people would like to have an adventure. So we have come up with the best soft adventure holidays. There are nine easy active breaks that are suitable for the mildly adventurous.

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The adventure media – ourselves included – are overly focussed on the extreme. It is easy to forget that not everyone aspires to climb the highest peaks, ski the gnarliest faces or surf the biggest waves. Most of us are happy to do the activities we love to a level we are comfortable with.

Easy active breaks

While some activities are inherently less extreme than others, most can be toned down to become easy enough for almost anyone. If you looking for the best soft adventure holidays, hopefully we can inspire you below!

But what is a soft adventure? There is no set definition that will work for everyone. What is soft for me would be extreme for some of my friends. Likewise their idea of an adventure might leave me feeling uninspired.

With this in mind, the easy active breaks for the mildly adventurous below are on a sliding scale. Going from very easy and hardly active, up to adventures that require some fitness and a get-up-and-go attitude but with very little risk.

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Best soft adventure holidays

We hope the easy adventures below inspire you to step a little out of your comfort zone!

Going somewhere different

At the very basic level travelling to a new destination is an adventure. Now I don’t mean visiting Menorca rather than Majorca. It needs to be a new country and preferably one that is very different to your home.

Going to Asia, Africa or Latin America for the first time are all adventurous. More so if you travel independently.


For many people camping is an integral part of their action sport holidays. They camp near surf breaks, during treks or between mountain biking sessions. However if you have never been camping it is one of the best soft adventure holidays to try.

Camping one of the best soft adventure holidays Pixabay royalty free image

Camping is cheap, easy and you can usually do it local to you. It gets you outside doing something different having a bit of an adventure. If you are a first timer then read this article about camping mistakes to avoid.

Vineyard tours

When my parents were in their late 50s they went on a tour of vineyards in the Dordogne region of France. This in itself was a little different for them, but what made it adventurous was they hiked, biked and kayaked between vineyards.

The activities were all easy and relatively short. My mum in particular was not that fit or confident with water or on a bike, but she loved it. So, perhaps French wine tours could be the soft adventure you are looking for?

African Safari

No continent says adventure more than Africa. And while a safari can range from luxury tours to simple camps it is always an adventure. If you follow your guides instructions there is almost no danger. But seeing elephants, giraffe, lions and much more in the wild is a thrill.

Adventures with kids 11 best family adventure holidays Serengeti safari flickr CC image by Leon F. Cabeiro

Where to go is a tough question. South Africa, Kenya, Zimbabwe or Namibia all offer great options, but possibly the best is Tanzania. Head on a Ngorongoro Crater wildlife safari for a truly magical experience and the best chance to see the big five in the wild.

Flotilla sailing holiday

The beauty of flotilla sailing holidays are that it’s up to you how seriously you take them. Perhaps you want to get a sailing qualification so you can captain your own yacht? Or maybe you’d prefer to lay on deck, visit nice harbours and let everyone else do the work?

Either way sailing is perfect for the mildly adventurous. You get to do something new, visit different places and experience another way of life.


Overlanding is travelling without flying, where the act of travel is the goal rather than a means of getting somewhere. But overlanding takes many forms, at its most extreme you could set off in a 4×4 to explore the world for the rest of your life.

overlanding one of the best soft adventure holidays Pixabay royalty free image

At the less extreme you could drive around your home country visiting a few places you have never been before – preferably having adventures along the way. You could InterRail around Europe, or you could join one of the longest overland tours by tour operators such as Oasis Overland.

Summer activity holiday in the mountains

One of the best soft adventure holidays is heading to the mountains for a summer Alps adventure holiday. There are a vast range of activities to choose from and you can be as adventurous as you like.

If you are looking for easy active breaks for the mildly adventurous then walk in the valleys. Slightly more active you can use the ski lifts to access easy hikes, or you can trek up the mountains yourself.

From biking to relaxing in a spa, climbing to cookery lessons and paragliding to gastronomy tours there is something for everyone. As easy active breaks go, a trip to the mountains is perfect for the mildly adventurous.

Hiking one of the best soft adventure holidays Pixabay royalty free image of Piz Chavalatsch in Bergsee Italy

Water sports / beach club

There are many hotels around the world in beautiful beach locations that have water sports centres. These offer some of the best soft adventure holidays worldwide. Usually the activities are all included and you get involved as much as you wish.

So you could do some windsurfing or kiteboarding, scuba diving or snorkeling, kayaking or paddle boarding, wakeboarding or water skiing and surfing or sailing. Or you could do a bit of everything, or none of the above – the choice is yours.

Ski or snowboard holiday

Most skiers and snowboarders don’t jump out of helicopters, off cliffs or from house sized kickers (jumps). The majority stick to the piste at sensible speeds taking very few risks. They enjoy the scenery, food, spas and apres scene, returning year after year

Yes there is always an element of danger with a ski holiday but millions of people do it every winter and don’t get injured. As easy active breaks go it is possibly the most rewarding. You are outside all day exploring the harsh mountainous environment that ski resorts have made safe for you to enjoy.

ski trips are easy active breaks that are perfect for the mildly adventurous pixabay royalty free image

Are you mildly adventurous?

Are your holidays always the same? Do you long for a bit more excitement? Then join one of the best soft adventure holidays above. Not only will you try something new but you can get as involved in adventures as you wish.

So if you consider yourself mildly adventurous start with easy active breaks and see how you get on. WARNING: You will probably love it, and will end up booking more adventurous trips every year!

Looking to be more adventurous? Then check out our adventure holiday discounts, you could save a fortune.


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