Best sailing holidays in Croatia: 5 destinations for a Croatian yacht charter

Jun 01, 2017 BY Mark Pawlak

With arguably the most beautiful coastline in Europe that is dotted with over 1,000 islands, the best sailing holidays in Croatia are hard to beat. But what are the best destinations for a Croatian yacht charter?

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Best sailing holidays in Croatia

Not only is the Croatian coastline stunningly beautiful, but it is also very accessible for sailors of all abilities. There are plenty of flotilla sailing holidays, yacht charter options and even sailing courses if you are looking for a qualification.

Croatia has one of the best climates in Europe, which combined with the warm crystal clear Mediterranean waters is a sailing paradise. There are many ports and harbours offering everything from sleepy fishing villages to lively cities.

Budget airlines fly from all over Europe to airports dotted up and down the Croatian coastline. So for the best sailing holidays in Croatia you can choose the most convenient airport without spending a fortune.

5 destinations for a Croatian yacht charter

Wherever you choose to spend your sailing holiday in Croatia you won’t be disappointed in this Adriatic paradise. But, push come to shove it is always good to know where to start, so here are our top five destinations for a Croatian yacht charter.

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Istria and Kvarner

Starting in the north, you have Istria and Kvarner. Within easy reach of both Slovenia and Italy and serviced by two international airports, this region is a great starting point for a sailing holidays in Croatia.

If you want to get close to nature, the sea around the Lošinj-Cres archipelago archipelago is a Marine Protected Area, the first such area for dolphins in the entire Mediterranean. There’s the waters around the island of Cres to discover – the island is home to an eco-project protecting endangered species such as the Griffon vultures.

The major cities of Opatija, Pula, Rovinj and Porec offer the best of Istrian cuisine, but there are also plenty of secluded bays and traditional villages to explore.


To the south of Istria is the region of Zadar, an area firmly in our top 5 destinations for a Croatian yacht charter. Its large choice of marinas, charter boats, welcoming people, excellent food and ideal sailing conditions thanks to the mistral winds make it a top spot.

Croatian yacht charter sailing holidays in croatia Flickr image by Taras Kalapun

Dotted with old fishermen’s villages, the area is conveniently serviced by Zadar airport. This gives you easy access to the Kornati and Krka Falls National Parks and Telascica Nature Park, a must visit for the best sailing holidays in Croatia.

“On the last day of the Creation God desired to crown his work, and thus created the Kornati Islands out of tears, stars and breath”, wrote George Bernard Shaw. And when you visit this area, off the coast of Zadar, you will understand what he meant – it’s the most tightly packed archipelago in the Adriatic, with 147 islands, islets and reefs.

Split / Sibenik

Kornati National Park is also easily reached from the Sibenik region. Located in the centre of the Croatian Adriatic, between Zadar and Split, the Sibenik coastline allows sailors to combine the tranquility of Zadar with the more urban surroundings of Split.

Its indented coastline, partly created by the Krka River, is among the best in the Adriatic. It lies just 10 nautical miles from the dramatic travertine falls of the Krka National Park – well worth a visit during Croatian yacht charter.

Croatian yacht charter sailing holidays in croatia Flickr image by Taras Kalapun

Famous for its historic city as well as its coastline, the region of Split is the urban, cultural and transport centre of Dalmatia. The area offers excellent locally produced food and wine and is in easy sailing distance from the popular islands of Brac, Hvar, Vis and Korcula. It is also possible to organise one-way charters from Split to Dubrovnik.


Last, but certainly not least, is the stunning city of Dubrovnik. One of the most attractive and famous cities in the Mediterranean, Dubrovnik is packed with historical buildings, outstandingly preserved natural monuments and beautiful scenery.

The bays, beaches, steep cliffs and numerous wooded islands will keep you occupied for days, but if you do feel like exploring further afield, the fjords of Montenegro are only a short sail away.

So there you have it, the top 5 destinations for a Croatian yacht charter. For the best sailing holidays in Croatia check out our related articles.


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