Best Peruvian kite spot: Guide to Mancora kitesurfing holidays in Peru

Dec 13, 2019 BY AWE365 Team

Fancy a different kitesurf trip next? How about visiting the best Peruvian kite spot? Check out this guide to Mancora kitesurfing holidays in Peru to find out more.

Best Peruvian kite spot

Mancora is without doubt the top place to stay if you come to kitesurf on the Peruvian North Shore. It is sunny all year around, with perfect waves and warm temperatures.

The legendary Pan-American Highway passes through Mancora. This means many backpackers, globetrotters and latin vacationers pass through, giving the town a lively and interesting vibe.

Mancora kitesurfing holidays

Originally Mancora was a fishing village. But it naturally became a tourist destination that suits solitary travellers, groups or families. It caters for people looking for a retreat, a good time or Mancora kitesurfing holidays in Peru.

Guide to Mancora kitesurfing holidays

The average air temperature is 27°C, without a huge amount of variation. The water is in the twenties all year long with an average of 23°C. Climate wise Mancora is a kitesurfing paradise.

And it is also windy! You can expect wind of between 15 and 30 knots. It starts blowing every day around midday and as predictable as a clock it decreases at the end of the afternoon.

This is the perfect time to have a cocktail on the beach! Relax, enjoy a drink  and the beautiful sunset that is almost a daily occurance on Mancora kitesurfing holidays in Peru.

Best Mancora kitesurfing spots

Mancora is the best Peruvian kite spot because it offers so much variety:

Freestyle and beginners spots

Vichaito / Organos:  A perfect spot for beginners with its large virgin beach and side-on wind. Also good for freestyle

La Laguna (Mancora): This is a perfect freestyle spot, although it does depend on the season.

Mancora wave riding spots in Peru

The northern coast of the Peruvian North Shore is maybe the best place in the world for wave riding. The waves are very long and very tidy without being too nasty. There is constant wind and the overall conditions are pretty safe (mostly sandy beaches, no rocks, no reef)

Mancora kitesurfing holidays

Mancora:  Like a swimming pool with awesome waves and side-on wind. Added bonus of beautiful boys and girls watching you ride from the beach!

Cabo Blanquillo: A long, deserted beach and side-on wind, it’s a great point break. From June to October you can ride with whales, sea turtles and seals.

Tres cruces: A very good reef break and an amazing white sand beach providing a wild experience.

Lobitos: A spot for experienced riders, with offshore wind up to 30 knots. The quintessential long and pure Peruvian waves. But with beach breaks up to three metres, it’s possible to get barreled.

Baterias: Bigger waves, from two to four meters and side-on shore winds means this is for experienced kitesurfers. Easily one of the best Peruvian kite spots.

Mancora kitesurf companies

Wild-K is a local company run by Axel Natali, a French guy who has been living on the Peruvian North Shore since 2008. The company offers unique and tailored wave riding journeys and kitesurfing lessons.

Mancora best Peruvian kite spot

The wave riding trips are suitable for both experts and people who want to get into this aspect of kitesurfing. They offer tuition, guiding and camps to help you get the most of your Mancora kitesurfing holidays in Peru.

Their kite school offers quality private or semi-private lessons using only experienced IKO licensed teachers. Wild-K is a Cabrinha, Neil Pride & Firewire Pro Shop, and they also rent, sell and repair kite gear.

Wild Kitesurf Peru also offer surf lessons and camps. For more information visit

Kitesurfing holidays in Peru: Check list

Kite: according to your weight take an eight, nine or ten metre kite. Also take your twelve and/or your seven metre if you have several kites.

Kite surfboards: choose ideally a surfboard with not too much volume as the Peruvian waves aren’t soft.

Wetsuit: you’ll need no more than a lycra or a shorty on Mancora kitesurfing holidays in Peru. But if you plan to go to the southerly Peruvian spots you may need a wetsuit.

Clothes: T-shirt and shorts will be enough during the day. At night wear a sweater or a jacket. Bring trousers too if you have to make a stop in Lima.

Mancora kitesurfing holidays in Peru at the best Peruvian kite spot

Other activities in Mancora and Peru

Mancora is a kitesurfers paradise but there is also a lot more you can do. You can also stand-up paddle, windsurf or surf in these waters.

The ocean provides even more activities like jet skiing, diving, spear fishing, whale watching, deep-sea fishing and swimming with turtles. You can also do yoga, visit the mangroves, rent quads, and for the more studious, learn a little Spanish.

Of course Peru doesn’t start and end in Mancora. There is so much to do in this stunning country. From trekking the infamous Inca trail to the Nazca lines and Lake Titicaca to the source of the Amazon adventure travel in Peru is both diverse and wonderful.

Gastronomy in Mancora

Try the famous Peruvian ‘Ceviche‘ – the most emblematic meal of Peru. It is made with fresh fish cooked with lemon (the strength), garlic (the wealth of earth), aji (the mischief), onions, and served with sweet potatoes which reminds you of the country’s hospitality. That’s what Peruvians say, at least.

You can also enjoy all the great seafood from the Pacific in a range of great bars and restaurants. Whether you are looking for the best food, or want to eat on the cheap there are options for any budget at the best Peruvian kite spot.

Pixabay royalty free image of Ceviche the dish of Peru

A relaxing & healthy experience

Mancora kitesurfing holidays in peru are also perfect for relaxing when not in the water. The wind gets going from midday so have a relaxing morning without having to get out of bed early to catch the best conditions.

Feel the energy with a yoga session in the mornings. Enjoy a big and balanced breakfast of Peruvian/Amazonian roots and fruits. You can also have a massage on the beach or in your hotel.

From June to October whales visit to head out on a whale watching tour. You can also spot seals and turtles for a fantastic wildlife experience.

Getting to the best peruvian kite spot

From Lima you can fly to Piura then take a taxi to Mancora. Or take a bus from Lima directly to Mancora – it’s a 20 hour drive. Another option is to take a bus (Cruz Del Sur is recommended) from Guayaquil in Ecuador to Mancora which takes around eight hours.

We hope you found this guide to Mancora kitesurfing holidays in Peru interesting and useful. If you want to visit the best Peruvian kite spot find out more at:

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