Best couples adventure holidays: Romantic activity breaks

Dec 08, 2023 BY AWE365 Team

For some couples, lying on a beach-towel all week rubbing sun-cream into each other’s backs is not their idea of fun. If you prefer romantic activity breaks check out the best couples adventure holidays below.

Best couples adventure holidays: Romantic activity breaks Flickr CC image by Arten Bali

If you’re an active couple with a love for sports, don’t just book a beach holiday. It’s OK to go to the beach, but make sure it is with watersports included. So you can surf, dive, kiteboard, sail or windsurf your days away.

Most Romantic Adventures for Couples

Romantic Activity Breaks

Alternatively head to the mountains. Go hiking, biking or climbing. Or perhaps try something completely new such as canyoning, paragliding or via ferrata. The best couples adventure holidays are often multi activity breaks that combine many activities into a single trip.

But what makes adventure holidays romantic? Well ‘romance‘ is different for everyone. For some just sharing their time together in the great outdoors is enough. After all a relationship really grows when you undertake something difficult together, so hike up a mountain, cycle across a country or learn to sail together.

But for other couples romantic activity breaks require, well, romance. So you get out have your adventures in the day but return to lovely accommodation in the evening. Romantic meals, shared spa experiences and beautiful settings all help build the romance. While you dive, ski, climb or do any number of other activities in the day.

Best Couples Adventure Holidays

In deciding what are the top adventure holidays for couples we have gone for activities that involve a shared experience. Also those which can be combined with romantic R&R.

Best couples adventure holidays: Romantic activity breaks Flickr CC image by Bhavishya Goel

Cycling Holidays

The best thing about biking is that you can do it at your own pace. Peddle faster when you feel like it, take a break when you’re tired and stop off when you feel inspired to take photos. As a couple you could even choose to ride in tandem for on of the most romantic adventures for couples.

And with so many different cycling holidays to choose from, you can pick just the right type of adventure to suit you and your partner. Whether it’s off-roading in Iceland, hitting the roads in Hanoi, a Norwegian Fjords cycling holiday, biking through Cuba or burning off a Bolognese in Italy.

Trekking Holidays

If you’re the sort of couple that would rather spend more time talking to each other side-by-side, then a trekking holidays may be just the thing. But don’t think this is an easy option! Adventurous treks require serious stamina and can be very difficult. But just like cycling you can take it at your own pace.

So set yourselves a challenge, like trekking Mount Kilimanjaro, trekking the Inca Trail or doing the Everest base camp trek. There are plenty of hikes that offer nice accommodation and luggage transport so you don’t have to carry everything. Hike by day and relax together over good food and luxurious accommodation in the evening.

Kayaking Holidays

If you like your adventures to be going somewhere then take on a kayak or canoe journey. By choosing a tandem kayak you will work together towards your goal through good teamwork.

Top 5 Croatian kayaking destinations Best Croatia kayak holidays Flickr CC image of Zrmanja by Raftrek Adventure Travel

You could take kayaking holidays around the Croatian Islands. Visit secluded beaches, lunch in romantic villages and wild camp at night on deserted islands (even though you are not supposed to). Or explore the interior with many beautiful rivers and waterfalls.

Alternatively, if you like a spot of wine, kayak down the Garonne river in the Bordeaux region of France. Whilst there stay in a city-centre apartment to explore the fascinating city.

Adventure Honeymoons

There’s nothing quite like an intrepid adventure, or adrenaline-fuelled activity, to spark passion and excitement on a honeymoon. Whether it’s once-in-a-life time road trips and overland adventures, summiting new peaks or sailing across oceans, the options for romantic activity breaks are endless.

Do you both enjoy water-based activities such as windsurfing, sailing, scuba diving and water skiing? Then you’ll love island hopping around the Greek islands. Make sure you stop of in Santorini, as the beautiful whitewashed buildings provide the most romantic backdrop.

Avoid the crowds and high prices by planning your getaway in June before the schools break up for summer. Alternatively, you could go in September once the new school year has started. Not only will it be significantly cooler – perfect if you are planning on spending a lot of time being active – but much cheaper.

Best adventure honeymoon Mixing excitement luxury and romance Flickr CC image by Neville Wootton Photography

For the best couples adventure holidays, pick an activity that you’re both equally enthusiastic about. To add romance include a luxury stay for at least one night of your trip on your adventure honeymoon.

Boat Journeys

Romantic activity breaks don’t mean having to have sweat it out in the saddle or scaling mountains. Exploring a region by boat can be just as exciting, and offer a good compromise if you want to balance adventure with relaxation. Imagine sailing the Med on a luxury yacht charter with just the two of you plus some discrete staff.

Looking for a more authentic experience? Choose traditional boats, such as Greek Caïques, Turkish Gullets and Egyptian Feluccas. Or for one of the most romantic adventures for couples join a luxury small boat cruise and travel to remote regions, such as Botswana’s Okavango Delta or Kerala’s backwaters on your couples activity holiday.

Drifting past waterside villages, sneaking up on wildlife, seeing the sails fill in the wind and eating under the stars. There’s something inherently romantic about boat journeys! And if you need a dose of adrenaline every now and then, boat trips offer plenty of opportunity for watersports.

Polar Travel

Seeing the ice-sheets and penguins of Antarctica, or the plateaued mountains and polar bears of the Arctic are experiences that really should be shared. A century ago, it was only the most intrepid explorers that ventured to the poles. But these days there are plenty of polar adventure travel options for couples.

Best couples adventure holidays: Romantic activity breaks flickr CC image of Antarctic polar cruise by Traveloscopy

Take a romantic cruise around the Arctic and experience the ice-sheets, glaciers and astounding wildlife of the pristine polar wilderness up close. Alternatively ski tour, dog sled, snowmobile or snowkite your way to the south or north pole as part of an expedition.

Multi-Activity Holidays

If you’re already arguing between diving in the Maldives, trekking in Tanzania or cycling in Sardinia, then a multi-activity holiday could be just the thing. Areas with diverse geography and established infrastructure, such as Costa Rica, the Pyrenees or Southern Spain, are particularly good for this type of trip.

You can be on the coast surfing in the morning, then up in the mountains in the afternoon hiking, biking and climbing. And where you get big elevation differences activities such as canyoning, white water rafting and much more are possible.

We hope this snapshot of the best couples adventure holidays has given you some good ideas. For the top romantic activity breaks be sure to check out our adventure holidays worldwide to help plan your next trip.


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