Best adventures with mum: Top 5 active holidays with your mother

Jul 11, 2022 BY Luke Rees

It doesn’t matter if it is Mother’s Day, your mum’s birthday or you just want to treat her, taking your mother away on holiday is tricky. And if you are looking at active holidays with your mother it is even tougher! With that in mind we’ve pulled together the five best adventures with mum.

best adventures with mum hunting the Northern Lights on a Snowmobile in Lapland Image by Nordic Unique Adventures

Top 5 active holidays with your mother

Best adventures with mum

Of course the top adventures with your mother entirely depend on what your mum is like. Many mum’s get worried at the talk of you doing a bungee jump or a skydive. So getting them involved in something extreme is unlikely for most – but of course not all – mothers.

So in this article we are looking at adventures that offer enough variability for any level of fitness or adventurousness. Plus we are looking at those providing something extra, such as a nice spa, lovely food or the chance of relaxation while still offering plenty of options for you to get active.

Below we have chosen the top 5 active holidays with your mother. As with any list it is all a matter of opinion. So let us know what you think are the best adventures with mum in the comments at the bottom.

Ortisei active holidays Night hiking in the Dolomites photo by Kaser Tobias

Luxury hiking in Val Gardena, Italy

Would your mum appreciate a five star spa hotel in the stunning Dolomite Mountains? Of course she would! But when in the mountains you need to get out and enjoy them. So book a luxury hiking holiday in Val Gardena at the Adler Hotel as it could be one of the best adventures with mum.

They offer multiple options for daily guided hikes. So she can do as much, or as little, as she wishes – or as you can persuade her! With various chair lifts and gondolas you can cut out much of the leg work. And if she wants to relax, the spa at the Adler Hotel is one of the best in Italy. Oh and the full-board food is incredible.

US road trip

How about a once in a lifetime overlanding adventure in the US? If your mum has always wanted to visit the Grand Canyon, Las Vegas, San Francisco, Joshua Tree and Yosemite national parks then hit the road jack! There are so many adventures to have along the way, just pick and choose what you fancy.

As active holidays with your mother go this one is all about spending time together, often in a car. So it is a great bonding experience. Check out this article by MGM Resorts about great ideas of how to entertain your mother in Las Vegas.

active holidays with your mother in Las Vegas Pixabay royalty free image of The Strip

Sailing in Kornati Islands, Croatia

Sailing the Med in the summer is perfect for a holiday with your mum. She can relax and top up the tan while you navigate the azure waters. That said sailing doesn’t have to be as intense as the America’s Cup. Mum can still help out, or even take control, while still enjoying plenty of relaxation.

Regarded as one of the most popular European sailing destinations Croatia is the place to do it. And the 89 islands of the Kornati National Park are a stunning place to explore. You’ll sail to beaches and coves that are only accessible by boat to enjoy crystal clear water and a peaceful atmosphere far away from the crowds. Book a Kornati sailing holiday here.

Caribbean water sports holiday

As the best adventures with mum go this is all about giving her the perfect beach, bar, hotel and relaxation while you spend time on the water. Lets face it taking your mum to the Caribbean is going to get you plenty of brownie points!

And whether you kiteboard, windsurf, dive, surf, kayak, SUP, wakeboard or sail there is a Caribbean adventure in paradise that is waiting for you. Check out this article about the best Caribbean water sport holiday destinations for plenty of ideas of where to go.

West Indies scuba diving holidays belize one of the best Caribbean dive sites Flickr image by Mastrfshrmn

Hunting Northern Lights in Lapland

Viewing the stunning Aurora Borealis is a bucket list item for many people. So taking your mum off to the Arctic to hunt them down is one of the top 5 active holidays with your mother. And one of the best places to do this is in Finnish Lapland.

Within the Artic circle there is so much to do. You can go dogsledding, snowshoeing, snowmobiling and even skiing or snowboarding whilst hunting the northern lights. Check out these outdoor activities in Lapland, Finland.

We hope you found this guide to some of the best active holidays with your mum interesting and inspirational. Let us know where you would like to take your mother on an adventure holiday in the comments below.


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