Best adventures for singles: 8 solo activity holidays not to miss

Jun 04, 2021 BY AWE365 Team

Travelling solo is the way forward – I’m convinced of it! You can do exactly what you want, when you want, without worrying about what anybody else thinks. So no wonder then that solo activity holidays are all the rage. With that in mind we’ve pulled together 8 of the best adventures for singles for you to try.

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Now it is worth pointing out that by ‘singles’ we do not mean someone who is outside of a relationship. We are talking about solo travellers, those heading away on their lonesome. So not those seeking love (although they might be), but people seeking adventure travel on their own.

8 solo activity holidays not to miss

Best adventures for singles

Perhaps the best thing about travelling solo is the freedom to choose your company. You’ll always be able to meet others in the same boat. And in such cases there’s no obligation – you don’t HAVE to continue spending time with them if you don’t want to. It means you can decide when you want to be alone and when you don’t.

Best adventures for singles: 8 solo activity holidays not to miss Flickr CC image of kayaking during expedition Argut in Alaska by Paxon Woelber

Possibly the trickiest part to solo activity holidays is deciding where to go and what to do in the first place. While there’s only one person to contribute ideas it can be tough to narrow down your options. So, to make things a little easier here are some of the best adventures for singles, where you can go it alone and meet new people if you please…

Trekking: United Kingdom

Whether it’s the Scottish Highlands, Welsh wilderness or the Cornish coast, there’s nothing like taking on a multiday trek. And some would argue that a trek really ought to be undertaken alone. The act of walking in itself allows hidden thoughts to surface and ideas to formulate and this process best not interrupted by others.

There’s something spiritual about striding with the sun on your back, and something almost stoic about trudging uphill with the rain in your eyes and the wind in your ears! The best UK treks are as good as any on the planet, and you can easily find solitude if you want it and often discretely wild camp along the way.

Highlands Scotland long distance treks in UK Pixabay royalty free image

If you’d rather traverse the British Isles with like-minded trekkers, you’ll be pleased to know there are dozens of tour operators offering small group guided treks. They operate fun and friendly United Kingdom walking holidays, where solo travellers can meet others who share their passion for the great outdoors.

Surfing: Morocco

Always fancied learning to Surf but can’t find a buddy to join you? No problem. You might be surprised to learn that surfing is one of the most popular solo activity holidays. That’s because there are so many people like you, who simply can’t persuade anyone to try it with them.

For that reason, surf camps all over the world are full of novices riding the waves for the very first time (as well as the more experienced surfers strutting their stuff, of course). Surf camps are very inclusive, the beginner and experienced surfers all spend plenty of time together and everyone always feels at home.

Taghazout beginner surfing holiday in Morocco image courtesy of Surf Berbere

A great place to start for a solo surfing holiday is Taghazout in Morocco. There are a huge selection of varied breaks suitable for everyone from first timers to pros. Plus the village is a surfers Mecca pot where you’re guaranteed to meet sociable travellers and cheery locals.

Sea Kayaking: Sweden

With more than 8,000 wild, uninhabited islands, the Bohuslän coast in the west of Sweden is a kayakers paradise. The rocky coastline of this beautiful archipelago is known as the best place for kayaking in Sweden, and is one of Europe’s top kayaking destinations.

Experienced kayakers can rent kayaks and explore it themselves or you can join a small group adventure. Spend the evenings wild camping in sheltered bays. Swim, fish and kayak to your hearts content.

Kayaking Bohuslän coast sweden one of the best adventures for singles solo activity holidays not to miss Pixabay royalty free image

Now being out in the wilderness means there is no nightlife except that which you make yourself. If you are not a rise at dawn and be in bed by sunset kind of person, then check out Wolf Gold slot, one of the most popular casino games in Sweden – if you’re someone who likes to gamble. Just be sure to take a solar charger with you so you don’t run out of juice.

Cycling/Mountain Biking: Argentina

Cycling, like walking, is often best when it’s just you and the open road. That’s because, just like walking, solo cycling tends to clear the mind, making it function as you never thought it could. And the best thing? YOU control the pace, YOU choose the route, and YOU decide when and where to have a breather.

It’s certainly easy to see why thousands of people every year hit the tarmac alone in the pursuit of freedom and happiness. If you’re a sucker for the saddle but prefer your trails rough and wild then consider guided Argentina mountain biking holidays instead. With endless single track through the dramatic Andes it is a mountain bikers dream.

1 week mountain bike tour across the Andes image courtesy of MTB Tours

How does a combination of bikes and wine sound? Dangerous? Not so. Head to Mendoza, in Argentina, where you can bike your way from vineyard to vineyard in the company of like-minded grape-guzzlers, sampling the region’s famous Malbec as you go.

White Water Rafting: USA

Of all solo activity holidays not to miss, white-water rafting is one of the best adventures for singles. Needless to say, you can’t do it alone (and I wouldn’t advise you to try). Which means you’re gonna’ meet plenty of adrenaline-junkies just like yourself.

Rafting forces you work together with your fellow paddlers, so you’ll get to know people super-quick. There are many great places around the world for rafting, but some of very best are in the States.

Best US rafting Top 10 United States whitewater rafting rivers Deerfield River Flickr CC image by EaglebrookSchool

People are generally very friendly and welcoming which is always a good start if you’re on your own. From rafting the Grand Canyon in Arizona to the Nenana River in Alaska, check out the best US rafting adventures for plenty of inspiration.

Horse Riding: New Zealand

You can never truly go horse-riding alone, because you’ll always have a four legged friend between your legs. And although it can’t talk, I can almost guarantee that you WILL talk to it. Think of them as agony aunts (but don’t push ’em – those horses can only take so much).

In seriousness, horse-riding alone is only advisable if you’re experienced. And if you are, you’ll probably already be aware of the pleasures of riding solo. If you’re not, you’ll be pleased to know there plenty of opportunities for getting in the saddle alongside others in small group horse riding holidays.

New Zealand Gold Discovery horse trek trail image courtesy of the Cadrona

For a magical experience head to New Zealand. There are scores of riding schools and guides who’ll lead you on everything from a single day ride to multi day horseback expeditions. Of course this being New Zealand you’ll be riding through some of the most beautiful wilderness on the planet.

Dogsledging: Finland

Didn’t think of Finland did you? In truth, it’s remarkable how often this Scandinavian gem gets overlooked, despite its unworldly beauty and incredible snowsports opportunities. Forget Switzerland, forget Austria, forget Andorra – if you can’t enough of the white stuff, Finland is the place to be.

While the skiing and snowboarding is not the best on the planet it has a unique charm. However, it is the other winter sports in Finland that really excel. You can visit Lapland, see the northern lights and do everything from snowmobiling to snowshoeing, ice fishing to ice climbing and reindeer safaris to snowkiting. Meaning multi activity holidays in Finland are some of the best on the planet.

Finland dog sledding one of the best adventures for singles: 8 solo activity holidays not to miss Image courtesy of Nordic Unique Adventures

And why is Finland ideal for singles? Because within its empty landscapes and sparse, snow-sculpted wildernesses you’ll find peace, joy and freedom! And the best way to see this is on a multi day dog sledding expedition. Join a group to travel through the frozen Arctic wilderness in charge of your own team of huskies. Mush Mush!

Skiing/Snowboarding: France

Skiing and snowboarding is the most popular group activity holiday. So most people wrongly assume that as a solo traveller the best ski holidays are out of reach – after all you can’t book a chalet on your own without a serious outlay. And why would you want to? Ski holidays are one of the most fun and sociable trips you can imagine.

Read this tips for planning solo ski holidays, it includes companies offering some of the best ski adventures for singles. If you prefer a solo ski holiday where you spend more time on your own then just book a slot in a chalet, many have single rooms or outside of peak season you can often get them to drop the single supplement.

Review of Elevation Alps Chalet Kapa snowboard holiday in Morzine heading to Prodains

And where to go? Well there are great ski resorts all over the world. But the country with the largest resorts, longest runs, highest lifts, the most ski days and the most foreign visitors is France. It is popular with good reason, and skiing or snowboarding in France is easily one of the best solo activity holidays – there are even ski hostels you can book in to do it on the cheap.

We hope you found this guide to the best adventures for singles inspiring. If the above solo activity holidays not to miss don’t float your boat you’ll find plenty more adventure holidays here.


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