Berlin paraglide guide: Where can you fly?

Feb 15, 2017 BY Paul McWilliams

Berlin is a city that is many things to many people. Cultural centre, historical hub and hipster capital of the world – to name just three of the many sides to this unique city. However, there is another slightly more extreme side to that we’re writing about in this Berlin paraglide guide.

It turns out that in the countryside around Germany’s capital paragliding has really taking off. Which is why we’ve put together this Berlin paraglide guide to help you find the best places to take to the skies.

Spend your days soaring free as a bird, then head into the thriving city areas of Neukolln and Kreuzberg and find out exactly why Berlin is one of the trendiest cities in the world. It’s a great combination of adventure holiday and city break.

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Berlin paraglide guide: Within city

Within the city airspace is restricted so Paragliding launches are few and far between.

Volkspark Lübars

This is a small ridge in the north of the city where paragliding is tolerated. Launches are possible with a SW or W wind and thermalling is possible. Volkspark is regarded as one of the nicest outdoor areas within the city, so bring a picnic and enjoy the gardens and pond.


Just to the south of the city is Teufelsberg, an abandoned Cold War listening post. While it makes for an interesting visit in itself, it is also the site of just about the only hill in what could be considered Berlin’s city limits (and that is stretching it really).

This naturally would make it a good spot for paragliding but unfortunately it is near the airport and so there is restricted airspace. It is however used for ground handling practice and has been know to be used for cheeky short flights – although you didn’t hear that from us.

Berlin paraglide guide: Outside city

However, travel a little further afield and there are plenty of other jumping sites.


The FlyMagic flying school is located just north of the city in a town called Spandau, site of the famous prison and source of the name for 80s new romantics Spandau Ballet. North of Spandau the city gives way to open countryside, forests and lakes. It’s a beautiful and a great place to learn to paraglide.


The Bader flying school is found a similar distance from the city near Potsdam, near the former royal palace and again just minutes from charming countryside. Berlin is almost unique amongst European capital cities in that it is actually shrinking, which is good news for the surrounding countryside that would otherwise have been at the mercy of urban sprawl.

Berlin paraglide guide: Learning

Both of the above schools offer tuition and the opportunity for tandem paragliding and hang gliding flights. For those more serious about learning to glide solo there are courses that meet both German and international standards.

With most Germans under a certain age having an uncanny ability to speak almost flawless English, language is unlikely to be a barrier to successfully learning to paraglide.

Berlin paraglide guide culture and nightlife. flickr image by tom_stromer

Guide to when you are not flying

Any good Berlin paraglide guide should also tell you a little more about the nightlife and extracurricular activities on offer. Even if you’re paragliding outside the city, it’s a good idea to stay as centrally as possible to experience the city at night and when not flying.

If you don’t have a car the famously efficient German public transport network can get you to launches. And finding suitable accommodation in and around Berlin is fairly easy with everything from campsites to five star. Although it is best to book in advance.

Staying in the city you can explore the Berlin bar culture with hip bars popping up on every corner. Take in some of the historical and cultural sights Berlin has to offer and enjoy an exotic Turkish influence – Berlin is actually the home of the doner kebab!

We hope you have found this Berlin paraglide guide useful. Check out our other paragliding articles here.

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