Benefits of charter sailing holidays and top tips for yacht hire

Feb 26, 2020 BY Paul McWilliams

There are many benefits of charter sailing holidays versus established sailing itineraries. Chartering your own yacht is one of the best ways to explore coastlines and island. But it is not always simple, so check out our top tips for yacht hire to ensure you get the ideal charter.

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Places such as Italy, Croatia, the Balearic Islands, Turkey and Greece are all at their best when seen from the water and yacht hire is fairly easy. Other destinations such as the Caribbean, Maldives, Indonesia and the Philippines are all perfect for sailing holidays. In fact almost anywhere with a coastline is great from a yacht!

Benefits of charter sailing holidays

This guide to the benefits of charter sailing holidays will help you decide if its the way to go for your next trip. Also keep reading to find out our top tips for yacht hire. This will help you choose the best vessel for your adventure. 


Booking a sailing holiday with a pre-planned itinerary can be fun. There’s something in sticking to a plan and making a journey according to a scheduled route. But if you’re looking for a real voyage of discovery, then only a charter will do. 

Hire your own yacht and you are the master of your own destiny. If you sail into harbour and feel like staying a couple of days, then you can do just that. If you feel like sailing off to explore some islands or want to sink anchor in a secluded cove, no one is going to stop you.

Having the freedom and independence to sail where you want is one of the key benefits of charter sailing holidays. You don’t have to stick to a schedule and you don’t have to blindly follow the crowd.

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Privacy and avoiding the crowds

Having your own yacht also means you get more privacy on your trip. For a start you’re not sharing your boat with other guests. But also you can go off on your own to find the secluded and empty spots you dream about.

No other boats in your flotilla and your choice of anchor or harbour spots. It all gives you the privacy and seclusion that’s such a big part of a sailing getaway. 

It also means that you can avoid the large crowds and busy harbours that can occur. You don’t have to sail as part of a large flotilla, you can strike out on your own. Ultimately you’ll discover parts of the coastline that planned itineraries miss.


On booked sailing holidays you don’t get as much of a choice. You don’t get to choose your boat, your facilities, sleeping arrangements, or even what’s for dinner. You just go with the flow. 

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On a charter, however, you can pick and choose every aspect of your sailing adventure. Choose your boat according to your needs and budget. Fight amongst yourselves for the best rooms on board.

Hand craft your menu with experienced chefs or cook your own food on board. And choose your own route. The power really is in your hands. 

Sail at your own pace

You won’t be against the clock or have a particular deadline to be in any specific place. Itineraries in sailing holidays often revolve around a tight schedule. For example, being at a certain restaurant or harbour at a specific time.

This is fine for many people. But do you lean more towards exploring and changing plans as you go along? Want to take the time to really get to know a place? Then a yacht charter gives you the freedom to sail at your own pace and in your own direction.


Having your own yacht charter also means you can (within reason) do whatever you want. The boat is yours for the duration of the charter, so if you feel like throwing a party, then go ahead.

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Invite guests over for dinner and drinks, or dance the night away on deck. The yacht is your home, so treat it that way (again within reason!). 


We’ve saved perhaps the biggest advantage for last – the cost. It might not seem possible but chartering your own yacht can be a very cost-effective way to travel. 

Consider the costs of travelling over land. Booking hotel rooms, transport, transfers, eating out, tipping and all the other expenses a holiday can bring. Chartering a yacht sidesteps many of them. This is especially true if you book through affordable peer to peer yacht charter specialists like Click&Boat. 

If you are spreading the cost amongst a group of friends or family, it can be even better value. Hiring a yacht can work out a lot cheaper than you might imagine. 

Top tips for yacht hire

Convinced by the benefits of a sailing holiday? Then there are a few things to consider before booking your boat.

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Boat type

First, you need to think about what kind of boat will be most suitable for your trip. The main choices are traditional yachts, catamarans and gulets plus of course size also varies. Each is slightly different and has its own advantages. 

Book a crew

If it’s your first time sailing or you are inexperienced, then you will need to charter a boat with a qualified skipper. In some countries the law permits sailing without a licence. But it is always better to have the boat captained by someone with the right qualifications.

Depending on the size of the vessel you charter, and the experience of the rest of your party you may also need a crew. This will make things run smoothly and can add that little bit of luxury if they handle the cooking etc.

Other tips for yacht hire

You also need to think about how many berths your vessel needs. And depending on the time of year, what weather and sailing conditions you are likely to experience. You should also have some idea of how much it will cost to harbour the yacht during your trip. 

However, if you book with a professional charter company then all of this will be taken into account. Leaving you free to enjoy the benefits of charter sailing holidays without the hassle. 

Can you think of any other benefits or tips for yacht hire? Let us know in the comments. And be sure to check out our sailing holiday discounts as you could save a fortune.


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