Beginner paragliding lessons and rusty pilot courses in Spain

May 27, 2014 BY Paul McWilliams

If soaring for endless kilometres high above the Spanish landscape sounds like your idea of a good holiday then paragliding in Spain may be the trip for you. Beginner paragliding lessons from FlySpain aim to teach novices the basic skill set they require, as well as building confidence in their ability, with a view to qualifying as a solo pilot.

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For those who have mastered the basics but feel they are a little rusty and could do with some refresher lessons, the FlySpain Club Pilot (CP) Plus weeks are specifically aimed at low airtime pilots. Refine your skills with expert tuition in Algodonales, the perfect location for the best chance of consecutive days tuition.

About FlySpain

fly-spain-logoWith over fifteen years of experience teaching pilots around the world, FlySpain provide expert tuition in all areas of paragliding and paramotoring for all levels. The team is made up of qualified and vastly experienced English-speaking pilots and instructors whose aim is to get you airborne and experiencing the joys of paragliding.

The courses

For absolute beginners, FlySpain offer a winch system at the start of the course. This allows those with little or no experience to gain confidence, being airborne for longer and without the tiring exercise of walking endlessly back up the hill.

With their beginner paragliding lessons you’ll build your knowledge of wind, equipment and paragliding skillset day by day, allowing you to make flights of around 300 to 500 metres. FlySpain is a Tow and Hill rated BHPA school, so you’ll have every chance of completing your Elementary Pilot (EP) level. No previous experience is necessary, and tuition lasts for five days in groups of between five and eight people.

The week-long CP Plus courses are specifically designed for people who have passed the EP and have some experience in the air but who may be looking to brush up on some skills or get some more airtime. The FlySpain instructors can help you to refine your technique and guide you towards making bigger and longer solo flights.

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The destination

Based in Algodonales, tucked away in a beautiful little corner of Andalucia far away from the crowds of the Costa del Sol, this is prime paragliding territory. A mix of mountains, ridges and flatlands combined with some stunning weather makes this a top paragliding destination.

Pico mountain towers over traditional Andalucian villages and Moorish castles, with cork forests and Roman ruins just off in the distance. As well as world-class flying, you’ll also get to sample the laid back Spanish lifestyle, complete with delicious food and impromptu fiestas.

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Other information

Of course, paragliding is dependent on the weather. However, this being southern Spain the chances of losing a whole week are very slim. In the unlikely event of that happening you’ll be given credit towards future courses. Any other shorter periods lost in the week will be used for extra training and exams on the ground, as they do try and pack in as much as possible.

fly-spain-logoParagliding is a sport suitable for almost anybody. As long as you can put one foot in front of another and jog gently you can learn how to fly. FlySpain offer instruction at your own pace but it is always worth letting them know in advance if you have any health concerns.

By taking beginner paragliding lessons, you’re making the first step towards to learning to fly, it is certainly an impressive ‘what did you do on your hols’ story. By choosing FlySpain, you’ll be benefiting from their many years of experience in one of the best locations to learn.

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  1. Pilot (US P3) who has not flown in several years. Now living in Asia. Looking to come to Spain or France in Spring / Summer ’15 to refresh and get back into flying.

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