Become a surf instructor in Bali: 12 week Indonesia surfing adventure

May 10, 2017 BY Luke Rees

Looking for a life of travel and adventure? Would you like a career in something you love? Then check out this 12 week Indonesia surfing adventure to become a surf instructor in Bali.

Become a surf instructor in Bali 12 week Indonesia surfing adventure. Image courtesy of Solid Surf House Bali

Whether you’re just starting on the career path, you’ve reached a dead end, or just hate your job, there are always opportunities to lead a more exciting life. Why settle for a desk job when you could follow your passion to surf and travel?

Become a surf instructor in Bali

The 12 week Indonesian surfing adventure by Solid Surf House offer you the chance to go from a complete beginner to become a surf instructor in Bali, all in one trip. You’ll learn the skills you’ll need to travel the world and get paid to do it.

What’s more, this is no ordinary training course. This is a genuine life changing adventure that’s also a fun and exciting experience in its own right.

12 week Indonesia surfing adventure

Based in the chilled out surf destination of Canggu on the west coast of Bali, live the surfing life throughout the three month instructor course. Staying in a private villa with its own pool, you’ll be hanging out with like-minded course mates. So it’s a chance to make friends with people wanting to follow a similar life path.

The surfing

Twice a day you’ll paddle out with an ISA surf instructor. Whether you can already surf or are a complete beginner, they cater for all levels and you’ll learn quickly. The dedicated instructor team will help you develop and progress, so you’ll pass your ISA assessment after just 10 weeks.

Six days a week you’ll get unlimited surf guiding, heading out on the water from dusk until dawn. Twice a week there’s a more intensive session with a private trainer.

To make sure you’re on track and to help improve technique, there are weekly video analysis sessions available too. During your time you’ll do the ISA certified 10 day course level 1 surf Instructor and Lifesaving courses.

What’s included in the Indonesia surfing adventure?

Included in the Solid Surf House package are airport transfers and 12 weeks accommodation in the villa. You’ll get breakfast and local transport, plus the use of a scooter with a board rack. All boards and equipment are provided so you can surf as much as you want.

You’ll be surfing hard, so there are 12 relaxing Balinese massages to soothe your aching muscles included free of charge. You also get unlimited access to the Canggu club, water park, fitness centre and more.

Twice a week you can join in the yoga sessions to stretch muscles and build core strength, which will help on the board. And Saturday night is party time at the free BBQ.

Sunday funday and excursions

There’s a great range of other excursions and activities too – often running on your free Sunday’s. Head over to Lombok for a four day surf trip, or to the infamous G-land on Java. Both include accommodation, transport and a BBQ.

Head out to some of the outer reefs by boat or enjoy some snorkelling in Indonesia’s stunning waters, including Menjangan and Lembongan. There are also waterfalls, monkey forests, central Bali excursions to Ubud and lots more.

And, because variety is the spice of life, you can also enrol in a language course. This is not just a great way to learn Indonesian but it helps you get to know the local people.

Introducing Solid Surf House

For more than ten years Solid Surf House has been training new surf instructors and helping people find new careers. As well as their Bali instructor course, they also offer surfing holidays in top surf destinations around the world.

As well as Bali, you can join them in Taghazout in Morocco, Weligama Bay in Sri Lanka, and Zandvoort in the Netherlands. With decades of combined experience, you’ll get dedicated small group instruction and a genuine hassle free surf camp experience.

Become a surf instructor in Bali 12 week Indonesia surfing adventure. Image courtesy of Solid Surf House

You’ll work hard, play hard for 12 weeks and come away with a new career enabling you to travel. Plus it’s all competitively priced costing a reasonable £4350 ($5290 or €4990). You can book here:

A life changing experience

On this trip, not only can you become a surf instructor in Bali, but have a 12 week indonesia surfing adventure that could completely change your life. You’ll learn new skills, make new friends and have a blast doing it. You can also use this as a base to launch your life on a completely new trajectory.

If becoming a surf instructor appeals to you and you’d like to know more of the Solid Surf House 12 week Indonesia surfing adventure then go to:

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