Bavarian summer adventures in Germany: Try rafting in Berchtesgaden

Jun 19, 2019 BY AWE365 Team

Looking for something a little different this summer? Then try rafting in Berchtesgaden. As Bavarian summer adventures in Germany go it’s up there with the best.

For most people, the mention of the word ‘Alps’ usually conjures up images of valleys, forests and mountain peaks shrouded in a layer of thick snow. You expect icicle-adorned pine lodges offering sanctuary from the cold, and retro-dressed skiers and snowboarders strutting their stuff on the slopes.

Bavarian summer adventures in Germany Rafting Image courtesy of R E T Berchtesgaden

Bavarian summer adventures in Germany

The image imprinted on my mind is something markedly different. It’s hard to believe, but for a few months every year, the snows melt to reveal a rich, fertile land that’s something akin to Disney fairytale. Much to the disappointment of those retro-dressed skiers!

Deep green valleys, shimmering lakes, and craggy mountain passes offer stunning views and plenty of adventures. Instead of the perennial shriek of skiers and snowboarders, only the pleasant sound of distant cowbells rings in your ears!

But there’s still plenty of fun to be had on Bavarian summer adventures in Germany. One of the best places to visit is Berchtesgaden, tucked away right in the south-east corner of the country.

Why visit Berchtesgaden in Bavaria

You won’t be the first person to enjoy the landscape. However, on this occasion you’re in pretty bad company!

The Eagles Nest in Bavaria, Germany Image by Berchtesgaden Land Tourism

Berchtesgaden was the mountain holiday retreat of prominent Nazi members from the late-1920s right up until the end of the war. Remnants of this dark past can still be seen.

Hed to the much-visited Eagle’s Nest, a mountain-top lodge built on the orders of Hermann Göring. It was a 50th birthday present for his Fuhrer. The Dokumentation museum at nearby Obersalzberg is also well worth a visit.

Try rafting in Berchtesgaden

The receding snows and melting ice caps in the Alps ensure the canyons flow with gushing water. Conditions are perfect for a raft experience in Berchtesgaden.

So for some extreme summer fun, don your neoprene wetsuit (spandex if you prefer) and try rafting in Berchtesgaden. You can brave the icy waters of the area’s famous rivers, the Ramsauer, Königsseer, Bischofswiesen, and Berchtesgadener Aches.

Bavarian summer adventures in Germany Try rafting in Berchtesgaden Image courtesy of R E T Berchtesgaden

There are a few great rapids with rampaging white water that will get your adrenaline pumping. With something for everyone including a 2.5 hour tour on class I to II rapids for beginners. There are also 3.5 hour trips on grade II to III or five hour journeys on class III to IV rapids for the more adventurous.

Summer in Berchtesgaden, Germany

For me, the Alps, particularly in Bavaria, are simply better in the summertime. Yes, there’s no skiing or snowboarding, but nor are there freezing fingers, slippery sidewalks, and bone-chilling winds that make you wish you weren’t born!

There is no where better when the sun’s shining, the skies are blue and the powerful rapids and smooth Bavarian beer is flowing. And when those oh-so-scrumptious Bratwursts are smoking, it’s a truly magnificent corner of southeastern Germany!

If you want to try rafting in Berchtesgaden during Bavarian summer adventures in Germany then visit: A huge thanks to R E T Berchtesgaden for providing the rafting images.

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