Barcelona kiteboarding holiday in Spain: Best kitesurfing city break?

Jul 15, 2019 BY AWE365 Team

Looking for the best kitesurfing city break? Then you should consider booking a Barcelona kiteboarding holiday in Spain.

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The historic city of Barcelona is one of the most popular city break destinations on the planet. It is rammed with art and culture, has a buzzing nightlife, amazing food, great weather and some of the best city beaches in the Med.

Barcelona kiteboarding holiday in Spain

There are around 20 beaches in and around Barcelona offering a wide range of conditions. Although winds can be strong at times, there are consistent light cross-shore winds that are ideal for beginners.

Due to the pristine coastline and consistent winds Barcelona could be the best kitesurfing city break. The sport has certainly become one of the most popular action sports for locals and visitors to Barcelona.

You’ll find shops along the city beaches competing for the opportunity to rent you equipment and schedule a lesson or two. Couple this with cheap accommodation options and the undeniable energy of the city, and you’ve got an action filled city break to brag to your friends about.

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Barcelona kitesurfing options

The warm summertime temperatures mean you don’t need a wetsuit until late autumn. In winter it is still a lot nicer than the UK, although you will welcome some neoprene!

There’s no need to worry if you’re not an expert, or have never even tried the sport before. Several professional kite centres offer lessons and gear to those on a beginner Barcelona kiteboarding holiday in Spain.

Many kite instructors will even drive you to the best spots for your ability and the conditions. Castelldefels, just south of Barcelona is one of the top beaches – a leg of the mini Kitesurf Tour of Europe has been held there.

Unfortunately kitesurfing in Barcelona is banned on all beaches from mid June until mid September. This is because they become busy with bathers. Instead head to Delta L’Ebre – about 90 minutes south of the city if you would like to kite in a calm lagoon.

 best kitesurfing city break Castelldefels, barcelona kiteboarding holiday in spain Flickr CC image by kitesurftour_europe beach, barcelona Flickr CC image by kitesurftour_europe

Alternatively visit St. Pere Pescador about 90 minutes north of Barcelona. This picturesque 7-kilometre beach is the pinnacle of Spain’s Mediterranean kitesurfing scene. Although be aware of the strong offshore Tramontana wind that can pick up very quickly – it is reliably forecast.

Best kitesurfing city break?

So is a Barcelona kiteboarding holiday in Spain the best kitesurfing city break? Possibly! It is undeniably an amazing city to visit with nightlife, food, culture and climate people come from all over the world to experience.

And with lots of good beaches, and consistent conditions the kiteboarding is not bad either! If you are highly experienced then you will probably prefer to go somewhere with consistently stronger winds, but for beginners and intermediates Barcelona is perfect.

We hope you enjoyed this introduction to Barcelona kitesurfing. Check out our kitesurfing discounts as you could save a fortune on your next holiday.

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