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Feb 05, 2018 BY Luke Rees

Would you like to be paid to travel the world and surf? Then you need the ISA Level 1 & Lifeguard qualification. So join the Bali surf instructor course to get qualified in 8-12 weeks – even if you are a complete beginner surfer – all while having a great time.

Bali surf instructor course ISA Level 1 and Lifeguard qualifications Image courtesy of Solid Surf House

Join the Surf Instructor Academy with Solid Surf House in Canggu. And in 3 months time, the beach could be your office and the world your oyster, as you embark on a new career teaching people to surf.

Bali surf instructor course

The academy caters for all levels, from those who have never surfed to advanced surfers. Over an 8 to 12 week course you will be coached twice a day by highly qualified ISA (International Surfing Association) instructors. All the surf gear is included, as are airport transfers and breakfast.

For the duration of the course, you’ll share a lovely private villa with your course mates. It’s set in lush gardens with a private pool. Based in the surf village of Canggu, you’ll experience a really cool, chilled out lifestyle on the west coast of Bali.

And it’s not just learning to be a surf instructor. There are tours to Ubud and other Balinese tourist destinations, snorkelling day trips, weekly yoga sessions and massages, language courses and social BBQs. The surfing isn’t restricted locally either, with trips to the outer reefs and surf safaris to Lombok and G-Land this is a real surf adventure.

ISA Level 1 & Lifeguard qualification

On this Bali surf instructor course you’ll receive personalised coaching to your ability level. Six days a week there will be unlimited surf guiding to the best spots for the conditions and your ability. So you can be in the water from dawn until dusk if you wish.

The goal is to have you ready to pass your ISA level 1 after 10 weeks. If you are already a good surfer this could be quicker. But don’t worry, we will still push you to keep improving, as we want you to leave the surf academy as a far better surfer than you arrived.

Bali surf instructor course ISA Level 1 and Lifeguard qualifications Image courtesy of Solid Surf House

You will also do a lifesaving course to pass the Lifeguard exams. This is a requirement of being a surf instructor, but is also very useful for any surfer to know. It not just makes you safer in the water, but it means you can help if something happens to another surfer, plus resuscitation and CPR are great life skills to have.

So what are you waiting for? Join the Bali Surf Instructor course with Solid Surf House to get your ISA Level 1 & Lifeguard qualification. Not only can you change your career but you’ll have a lot of fun while doing so.

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