Are older adventure sports fans a risk, or an inspiration?

Jun 27, 2023 BY Mark Pawlak

The news that more pensioners are having accidents when taking part in adventure sports is not surprising: More pensioners are taking part in adventure sports! But are older adventure sports fans a risk, or an inspiration?

Cycling Indochina & Angkor: Cycle Holiday in Asia Are older adventure sports fans a risk, or an inspiration?

Older Adventurers

Adventure insurance specialist Perkins Slade’s director of sport, Richard Doubleday has been reported saying there has been “a big increase in the number of older people in accidents”.

While his findings are no doubt accurate, we can’t help but feel that they show what we already know: more pensioners are getting out there and taking part in sports, adventurous or otherwise – and good on them!

We have seen bookings increase by 18 per cent in the 50s + age group. And the most popular sports have been cycling, surfing and skiing holidays worldwide.

Are older adventure sports fans a risk?

Emily Dugan’s piece in The Independent is well-measured, and well worth a read. However, all three sports we see pensioners booking can be considered low-risk, when compared to extreme sports, which is an altogether different category – but still not off-limits to most age groups.

Review of different types of midlayers for skiing Pexels royalty free image

Skiing is perhaps the most dangerous, thanks to the inevitable falls; surfing, for a beginner, is about as safe as a watersport gets.And as for biking, people booking cycling holidays are looking for quieter and safer roads – hardly ‘dangerous’ or ‘extreme’.

Even considering the slight risk, we are clearly not giving these intrepid ‘older’ holidaymakers the credit they deserve. And what of experience? I guarantee there are many who judge risk far better than your average young buck, who dares to impress.

Older adventure sports fans are an inspiration!

Sir Ranulph Fiennes first conquered Everest aged 65, and yes he had a walking stick! He has since reached both poles under his own steam and climbed Everest again aged 77.

We find such exploits inspiring. Rather than lecture our adventure audience on what is (or is not) safe, we would prefer to hear from them. We want to hear your stories, listen to your advice and perhaps learn a thing or two.

Are older adventure sports fans a risk or an inspiration Wikimedia CC image of Summit camp Everest by Tirthakanji

So take off your daysacks, stop servicing your mountain bikes, and preparing those tartan flasks for your next adventures and leave a comment below. Do you think older adventure sports fans area risk or an inspiration?

If all of this makes you want to do something exciting on your next vacation then check out these adventure holidays worldwide.

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2 responses to “Are older adventure sports fans a risk, or an inspiration?”

  1. An inspiration! I did a bungy jump just 3 days before my 56th birthday, and you can be ABSOLUTELY sure, it won´t be the last! Nor will it be the last of any other extreme sport. For that matter, I have to get a doctor’s clearance into the bargain, due to mild epilepsy! I will NEVER let inconveniences like that stop me doing the things I love!

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